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Default eBay sales data into excel?

I track all my eBay sales on my own blog to give me a good idea of how well (sometimes how bad!) this little hobby/side business is doing for me. Getting the sales data out of eBay is becoming a time suckage problem though. I'm hoping some more experienced sellers can give me some tips...

Right now, to get sales data out of eBay and onto my blog, I copy the web link of the sold item, and then the gross sale price. I then use the newlifeauctions eBay/PayPal fee calculator to figure out the net sales price from the item. Example:

item - gross sales price - (net sales price after fees)
"10/11 Prestige Wesley Johnson Prest. Picks AUTO /249 – $30.00 ($26.42)"

What would be optimal is if this data could be automatically exported into an excel spreadsheet. Does such a tool exist for eBay? I don't need the 'net after fees sales price', I can figure that on my own, but just having the item description and the gross sales price exported into excel, so I don't have to copy and paste hundreds of sold items each time I do a multi-case break, that would be killer sweet.

Does such a tool exist? Or what do other people do? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Unfortunatly I'm doing your method as well, however I know you can download your ebay transactions.

But under my ebay then account about 1/2 way down you can download your invoices which should have the full breakdown. You can open this up into excell, then tweak it.

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Oh yeah, seller account, download invoices and choose CSV format. That will help a lot for now, thanks!
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