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Default 1 box 08 ud APOH and 6 packs 08 goudey

so i had to go to the local shop today to pick some books up and have him hold 2 boxes of goudey for me (would have picked up a box but my wife went to her sisters today for a few weeks to help with the new baby and i promised her i wouldn't break a box of the new goudey with out her) so i picked up my last of 3 08 UD APOH boxes that he was holding for me. if you read my post about the first one i got shorted big time and wasn't sure if i should get the rest so when i got the second box i just got the hits but was happy with them. this time it is crazy i must have gotten my shorted cards from the first box in this box. so here it goes.

2 hollywood memorabilia's

mike myers

jennifer love hewitt

rookie auto

rob johnson 268/499

3 timeless moments GU

john smoltz

chase utley

mark teixeira

and the parallels of which i will only mention a few.

justin morneau box score memories 4/25 and justin verlander blue 1/25 i have got 1/1's before but never the first of a numbered series.

and these

the rest of the parallels aren't mentionable.

then i broke down and opened 6 packs of 08 goudey and got these.

marlon byrd auto

and this
tiger woods spots royalty

the tiger woods where the hot card last year and with so many versions this year do you think it is still a good pull?

well in all i have to say it wasn't too bad without my wife opening them with me this time.
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Not too bad of a break. I would sell the Woods fast because it is just a regular SP in the set and people are paying for it as if it is the same as last year with the whole topper thing going on. I think the first one went on offer for more than $150 so I wouldn't waste time before the card drops down to $15-25 if it hasn't already. Good luck with whatever you choose.
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