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Default BF 2009 and 2010 Razor Ink Vault break

I love both years of this product, probably my favorite products after Benchwarmer Vault. I did 4 boxes of each:


Box 1
sealed box - 4400
Firefly - Jewel Staite auto as Kaylee Frye
Alias - Angus Scrimm auto as Calvin McCullough
Charmed Conversations - James Read auto as Victor

Box 2
sealed box - Alias Season 3
Veronica Mars - Amanda Seyfried auto as Lilly Kane
Family Guy - Erik Estrada auto as Friendly Officer
Smallville - Trent Ford auto

Box 3
sealed box - Indiana Jones KOTCS
Firefly - Adam Baldwin auto as Jayne Cobb
Smallville - Sarah Carter auto
Buffy - Kelly Donavan auto as Xander's Double

Box 4
sealed box - Smallville Season 6
Serenity - Adam Baldwin auto as Jayne Cobb
Smallville - Neil Flynn auto as Pete Dinsmore
4400 - Chad Faust auto as Kyle Baldwin


Box 1
sealed box - Spike the Complete Collection
Alias - Gina Torres auto as Anna Espinosa
Smallville - Rob Freeman auto as Coach Quigley
Lost Season 2 - Emilie de Ravin auto as Claire Littleton
Battlestar Galactica - John Heard auto as Commander Barry Garner

Box 2
sealed box - Jericho Season 1
4400 - David Eigenberg auto as Carl Morrissey
Smallville - Nichole Hiltz auto as Simone
The Mummy Returns - Oded Fehr auto as Ardeth Bay
Sopranos - Jerry Adler auto as Herman "Hesh" Rabkin

Box 3
sealed box - Jurrassic Park III 3D
Lost Season 1 - Andrea Gabriel auto as Nadia
Smallville - Amber McDonald auto as Gloria
Lost Season 3 - Ian Somerhalder auto as Boone Carlyle
Looney Tunes - Dan Stanton auto as a Warner Brother

Box 4
sealed box - Alias Season 4
Lost Season 3 - Nestor Carbonell auto as Richard Alpert
Smallville - Peyton List auto as Lucy Lane
Smallville - Tori Spelling auto as Linda Lake
Veronica Mars - Tina Majorina auto as Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie
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Old 12-12-2010, 10:21 AM   #2
Michael Miracle
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If you are interested in selling, can I get the prices on these cards...

Smallville - Peyton List auto as Lucy Lane
Smallville - Sarah Carter auto
Buffy - Kelly Donavan auto as Xander's Double

And also, is the Spike box opened? Because I may be interested in that too...
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Old 12-12-2010, 07:10 PM   #3
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Very nice selection of autos. If you aren't planning to keep it I'd be interested in getting a price on the Amanda Seyfried.
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Old 12-13-2010, 02:49 AM   #4
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The Jewel Staite available?
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