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Default Tired of the same old sports cards..back to my childhood w/ Garbage Pail Kids!

The sports card industry has pretty much bored me to tears and frustrated me at the same time...the only things not searched through and molested like a supermodel in an Saudi Arabian prison cell at my local Target is the hanger box of Garbage Pail Kids series 2 packs. On sale for a buck a piece I picked up six and they were a GREAT blast from the past from my childhood in the early 80's. ALso had a chance to get sketch cards, plates, and rare parallels that are highly sought after...

So I did pretty good for 6 packs...

1 Green Adam Bomb Parallel ( 1 out of 24 packs I believe)
2 Green regular Parallels
3 Pink Parallels
and 1 Silver Parallel that is also somewhat "rare"

I may go back and get the rest and try to make a, cheap, not searched, and the chance to actually pull cool stuff

Also inspired me to go through one of my storage tubs and find my stack of originals from 1985,86, and 87...some are in rough shape..but still fun to go through

here's the parallels

Andrelton Simmons Master Rainbow
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I totally feel ya on Garbage pail kids. I just splurged for about 100 bux worth of packs at walmart the other day. Had so much fun opening them! I got 5 3d cards that are sick as all getout! (google 3d garbage pail kid cards) they are a great chase card! I have 2 binders full of series 1 through flashbacks. I can't seem to ever part with them. I probably have over 5000 cards.
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