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Default CGC 9.8 SS TRON #1 Signed by Bruce aka TRON & Cindy aka YORI 100% Authentic !!!

Hello everyone .....

Celebrity Autographed are a must have and been for many years but getting them Authentic takes time and money but with that I feel that there should be more,like with graded sports cards
I like comics even those that are graded but to add a cherry on top get some great movie edition comics then get a celebrity to sign them and get it certifie.( not COA or DNA )

Certified Guaranty Company (CGC), the leader in professional comic book, magazine and photograph certification, pioneered witnessed signature authentication when it
introduced CGC Signature Series a certification service that assures signatures are 100% authentic by having a employee witness a Signing at a convention or in store Signing.
All of the materials used by CGC are tamper-evident and extensively tested to ensure long-term protection for your autographed memorabilia.
Each holder is transparent, to ensure maximum visibility for years to come, and archival-safe, to protect your autographed memorabilia from liquids,
gases and improper handling. The Signature Series label includes security features such as an official hologram seal and a unique serial number.
Want to know more about CGC Signature Series visit the website for more info,
Certified Guaranty Company, LLC - CGC Signature Series

With that I am having a private signing with the presence of a CGC representative to get some TRON #1 signed by Bruce Boxleitner aka TRON & Cindy Morgan aka YORI
I had these pre-screen and out of the 90 I submitted I only got 40 9.8 so these will be graded CGC 9.8 TRON #1 with two Signatures
and will be prestigious CGC Signature Series label that been signed in the presence of a CGC representative, then submitted for CGC certification.
The end result is an expertly described, encapsulated collectible with a guaranteed authentic signature and will indicating who signed the book, the date it was signed,
and in some cases, the location of where it was signed.

Limited chance and limited to only 40 100% refund if there is a cancellation from bruce or Cindy,They both have to sign !!!!

All orders must be paid by July 1st 2011 all order will include shipping w/Delivery Confirmation
Note: Everyone will also get a CGC order number this number can be tracked at CGC HQ, this way you will know your order status day to day..

Payment of $125.00 Paypal only with a confirmed address,no C.O.D shipping time is 3-7 days

Any questions ask,please feel free to look at the pictures below you can see what a graded /CGC comic looks like and a CGC Signature Series looks like

The Tron comic on the left is graded (not signed) as you can see and the one on the right the Stargate is graded with the prestigious CGC Signature Series label.
Keep in mind,I am selling the one on the left but will be signed by Bruce & Cindy and will get a " yellow " Signature Series Label.

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Location: Brevard County Fl
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Ask in PM,Yes this is a pre-sale item because of the time frame from getting these signed on the 2nd or 3rd of July and CGC turn around 26 business days,this item will ship out by the first week of Aug....

My business name is:
Glynn and Son CGC Graded Comic's I have been a Authorized Member Dealers with CGC Sinse 1999 always Sunny Fl,
I am listed on the CGC Board below is the link I am the 33rd one on the list in Florida
Certified Guaranty Company, LLC - CGC Grading - Grading Scale
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