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Default Question About Shipping to Japan

Is there any way to be completely protected by PayPal when shipping to Japan? I recently sold a $350 card to an eBay bidder with relatively low feedback (though one of the positives was from a $400 purchase) and want to make sure I'm covered.

Obviously, I plan to insure the shipment, but I read that the USPS doesn't allow for insurance on Priority or Express Mail International. Is this correct?

If you have experience selling cards >$100 to Japan, please chime in. Thanks.
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I ship international quite a bit.

For cards under $250 I use USPS Priority and I insure the item with ShipCover insurance. This costs around $15-$17 depending on the item price. You must use eBay shipping to have the ShipCover option. ShipCover is know to protect sellers against buyers claims of non-receipt of a Priority item, even though Priortity does not have full tracking to the buyers door. ShipCover is only available on Priority Flat Rate items though. And you must ship within 7 days of payment to be covered as well. ShipCover works, it saved me $140 from a "lost" Kobe auto.

For items $250+ I use USPS Express Mail, as well as ShipCover. This costs about $32-$33, depending on item price. This has full tracking to the buyers door. And insurance of course.

However, there is one issue with USPS Express Mail: PayPal claims to protect sellers for items of $250+ ONLY IF the seller uses signature confirmation. Express Mail Intl does not have signature confirmation. So, I'm not absolutely sure that ShipCover would protect a seller if the buyer somehow claimed not to receive the item. Yet tracking would show the item was delivered.

Still, that's what I do. I suppose one day a buyer will claim non-receipt of a $250+ Express item, and I'll find out if ShipCover works to protect me.

Good luck whatever you do. Maybe someone else has a better answer than me?
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Check with the post office it used to be the only insured way to send overseas is to send it registered?
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