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Old 11-19-2011, 12:26 AM   #1
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Default First Ebay Buyer Situation

I recently sold a Jon Jones MMA Relic for $15 on ebay. The buyer received the card and wasnt happy. Offered a refund and clearly wasnt good enough for him. Generally I catch any/all markings on cards. Not sure what else could do in this situation. Any comments on how it was handled

Well now you have a complaint because you didn't accurately describe the card. If you are going to sell a card with damage I would suggest not describing it in the auction listing as having no visible damage(you either knew it had damage or you didn't even look at the card), you should actually let the bidders know that the card has damage instead of being deceptive with your description to maximize your selling price.
I will not waste any more of my time or money returning this card and will leave appropriate feedback.

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From: axeldog15
To: *******
Subject: Re: Other: ********* sent a message about 2010 UFC Main Event Jon Jones Fighter Worn Gear (4color) #250925567586
Sent Date: Nov-18-11 19:51:14 PST

Dear *******,

As I said I will gladly take the card back and refund your purchase. I am sorry you are unhappy I have had zero complaints prior. I generally have all my cards listed and described accurately. The best I can do is offer a refund for the return of the card.

- axeldog15

From: *******
To: axeldog15
Subject: Re: Other: ******** sent a message about 2010 UFC Main Event Jon Jones Fighter Worn Gear (4color) #250925567586
Sent Date: Nov-18-11 18:10:34 PST

Dear axeldog15,

Yeah I understand you have a 7 day return policy, it is just frustrating that I have to spend my time and money to return this card because you listed it as having no damage when it did.

- ********

From: axeldog15
To: *******
Subject: Re: Other: ********* sent a message about 2010 UFC Main Event Jon Jones Fighter Worn Gear (4color) #250925567586
Sent Date: Nov-18-11 17:22:43 PST

Dear *******,

I will gladly take the card back and refund your original purchase upon receipt of card. I again apologize for any inaccuracies.

- axeldog15

From: *******
To: axeldog15
Subject: Other: ****** sent a message about 2010 UFC Main Event Jon Jones Fighter Worn Gear (4color) #250925567586
Sent Date: Nov-18-11 16:22:29 PST

Dear axeldog15,

I got this card in the mail and opened it up.
The listing says that there is no visible damage and the first thing I noticed is that there are creases around the relic on this card. I looked at the picture on the listing and blew it up and can see the damage was there before you shipped it.
This is a nice card but I don't like damaged cards very much.
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Old 11-19-2011, 07:40 AM   #2
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I'm sorry this happened to you.

Looking at the listing, the text of the listing says "no visible damage", and there are some hairline dings around the octagon-shaped hole.

In your correspondence, you only gave the buyer two options - return for full refund or keep the card.

What is the problem you are trying to solve? You have an unhappy customer. If that's the problem, then either solution will still leave you with an unhappy customer. If your problem is that they might leave bad feedback, then they are just as likely to leave bad feedback whether they return the card or not.

If you give your customer several options and let them choose the one they like best, then they will feel empowered and will be less likely to have a bad taste in their mouth when they leave feedback.

You could give them the option of keeping the card and getting a partial refund. If you make the refund about the amount that it would cost for return postage plus the eBay fees you paid on this listing, then it would be revenue neutral to you whether they take the offer or not.

You could give them the option of getting a discount on an additional purchase.

You could give them the option of receiving additional cards at no charge.

If you give them 5 options and ask them what they think would be fair, then you might appeal to their sense of fairness. They will feel more empowered and less likely to leave bad feedback. (They might still leave bad feedback, but at least you tried).

Tell them that you will endeavor to do better in the future. When listing again, keep a strong light on your desk and look at each card at an angle to try to catch these sorts of flaws. When writing the description, use some weasel words to give you a bit of an out. "I don't see any major flaws" is better than "there is no visible damage". "Looks pack fresh but may have minor flaws" is generally better than absolute terms like "mint" or "near mint".
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Old 11-19-2011, 08:46 AM   #3
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Sounds like the buyer is certainty wanting a refund AND wanting his money back. If a eBay case has to be open I'd do it just so you don't have to issue a refund AND lose out on the card. If the guy just wants to keep the card and leave you negative feedback, don't get down on yourself it is not the end of the world and you can not make EVERYONE happy. Just learn from it and move on to the next.
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