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Default Tuesday Market Update: What you need to know

Let's start off this market report by saying 2012 Leaf metal FB is a home run. Brian Gray at Leaf made a great decision to price the product where he did. The timing to move the release up really helped the product also. The inclusion of Hot Boxes also is a big plus. Smaller company's like Leaf are more nimble and can make changes on the fly which has definitely helped it's brand over the years. Watch for prices to jump as the draft nears. Keep an eye on 2012 Press Pass Rookie FB also with the 1st A.Luck Rookie Autos coming soon.

2012 Topps Heritage BB is live this week. Prices have jumped considerably in the past month. We expect pricing to stay in the current range of around $75 a Box. 2011/12 Panini Preferred Basketball is the wild card. This could be a monster product if the breaks are decent since the supply is so short in the marketplace. Seeing alot of High end bskt buyers asking.

Products on the run:

2011 Bowman Chrome BB-Could be a $100 Box in a few Months
2011 Bowman Draft BB- This one is way undervalued compared to Bowman Chrome. Watch for a breakout to $60+ soon
2011 Topps Chrome BB-Starting to move. Should see $60-$65 soon
2011 Bowman Platinum BB- We can see these going to $85-$90
2009 UD Signature Stars BB- This will be a $75+ box in a few months. Not only does the product have the best players in the last 2 draft classes but also one of the top Projected picks in the next Draft Class (Kevin Gausman).
2011 Panini Certified FB-Dealers chasing again. $100+ shortly
2011 Leaf Pete Rose Baseball- Hard to find out there. $90-$100+ soon
2011 Cryptozoic The Walking Dead series 1 Trading Cards- Soon to be $100-$110+

Also trending up:
2009 Bowman Chrome BB
2011 Topps Triple Threads FB

Keep an eye on these Presells. These are the best sellers currently:

2012 Leaf Best of Bskt- Still think this will be a $1000 Case at some point
2012 Leaf Metal MMA- This one may suprise to the upside. Tiny print run and MMA guys are buying this. Reminds us of the Leaf International cases. Could see a real nice pop from the start.
2012 Leaf Valiant Football- Under the radar until Leaf Metal took off. valient has 4 Autos and a higher end product with a smaller print run than Metal.

More to come...
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