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Default Complete Contents of a Marvel Beginnings Case - For Sale

$500 dlvd for all of this. This is everything from my case except for a Master set that I kept for myself. Also, the VENOM sketch IS NOT included in this lot.

1 Master Set (Base, Micro, Breakthrough Issues and X-Men Die Cuts)
2 Additional base sets (180 cards each)
3 Additional Breakthrough Issues sets (45 cards each)


Villain Holograms (1:72): Expected 4, Pulled 4: 13 Enchantress, 14 Fin Fang Foom, 15 Galactus and 19 Juggernaut.

Cut Panel (1:288): Expected 1, Pulled 1: Spider-Man Issue #4, numbered 10/53.

Sketches (1:72): Expected 4, Pulled 6:

Venom by Ben Young (Print Run of 30) - NOT INCLUDED
The Thing by Sara Wilkinson (Print Run of 54)
Elektra by Bill Pulkovski (Print Run of 42)
Daredevil by Brandon Singleton (Print Run of 21)
Doop by Rusty Gilligan (Print Run of 15)
Mystique by Joe Pekar (Print Run of 55)

Autograph Covers (1:72): Expected 4, Pulled 5:
7 - Gerry Conway, 11 - Larry Lieber, 19 DUAL David Michelinie/Mark Bright, 22 - Tom Orzechowski and 44 - Salvador Larroca.

2 Printing Plates - 29 Magenta of Destiny and 75 Cyan of Lockheed.
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