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Default Comic Help

Hey everyone, I recently saw the Avengers movie and I'm hooked. I'm looking to get into Comics but I have absolutely no idea where to start. I want to collect Iron Man, but like I said I have no clue where to start. If you could give me any help, advice or anything I would really appreciate it.!
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Really depends on your budget rjwise. If you have deep pockets, than Tales of Suspence 39 (Iron Man's first app) is the book for you. If not quite as deep, than perhaps Iron Man 1 in any grade. Rule number 1: collect what you like.
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Iron Man is not an overly expensive title to collect outside of a few key issues and the #1 most are still resonable to pickup. Avengers on the other hand was already expensive before the movie even came out. You can look at Ebay for single titles, or see if there are local comic book shows/shops, find other collectors you can buy and trade off of. I buy stuff all the time and if I come across either of those titles I'll shoot you an email and see if you're interested in any I might have.
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Thanks for the help guys really appreciate it
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if looking to read the classic tales, can pick up trade paperback with reprints - more bang for ur buck as those have several comic stories in one package

comicvine is a good website to check out more info about characters and comic appearances
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Also, if you are looking to read them, you can do that either online or at most local libraries. Mine carries quite a few TPB's and I keep nagging my 12 year old to check out the X-Men "Days of Future Past" of these days.
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Old 05-08-2012, 12:05 AM   #7
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i am a HUGE comic book collector more then cards. if you want to buy a few nice books pm me. i have avengers #5, 31, 33 a few in the 40's really low number stuff and an extra iron man #1 i would part with but none of these books are very cheap. but if you wanna work something out let me know. thanks
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