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Default BLOWOUTCARDS Special "NATIONAL" Market Report:

BLOWOUTCARDS Special "NATIONAL" Market Report:

We a PUMPED and I'm sure many of you are also ! The National is officially 1 day away. A few members of the BLOWOUTCARDS team arrived at the show early Monday morning to start setting up. The location is ideal. Smack in the middle of all the action. We have Panini and Leaf about 10 feet from us and Topps and ITG directly across also. UD and Onyx are only a aisle or so away also.

So here's what you need to know:

Redemptions are a huge part of the show. If your going to bust wax, this is the place to do it. Manufacturers are offering tremendous incentives to open product. Each trying to outstage the other. In the end, it's the collector that wins which is the way it should be at the National.

Here is a updated link with All the redemptions posted so far:

We put alot of time and preparation into planning this years National. This is the One Major show that we do each year and our goal each and every year is to make it FUN for everyone who stops by the BLOWOUTCARDS booth. Our planning actually began about 2 weeks after we got back from the Chicago show last year! With everything fresh on our minds, we gathered the team together for a dinner out and went over all the things collectors had mentioned (good and bad). One of the keys to our success over the years has been to listen to what our customers are telling us and then gearing our business model around them. It may not have been the easiest choice or the most profitable decision at times but in the end, it seems to work out. If you give collectors what they want and treat people fair, they will continue to come back and that is what we have seen over the past 20 years.

So how do we take this model and bring it to the show?

First of all, we give collectors what they want. The BEST Prices, The BEST Selection and the BEST Service at the NATIONAL.

Let's start with everyones favorite topic: Pricing

There will be alot of wax at the show. There will always be products that we have that others may not or that others have that we may not but the truth of it is... 90% of everything that collectors want are products that each of the major dealers will have (Basically, in a nutshell...we all sell the same products). Knowing this and as many of you know already, our pricing is the best in the business. We buy for less...we sell for less...we want your business and we want you as a customer. If you have any reservations about pricing, come to our booth and let us win you over.

This year, Blowout Cards Show Specials will premier at the 2012 National! This ties in directly with pricing. Over the past several years, we've made numerous WAX acquisitions in bulk. Warehouse Finds, Closeout Deals, Inventory name it, we've bought it! Much of this inventory has never seen the light of day...until now. So be prepared with your Monthly Beckett's in-hand, bring your knowledge of past products in Hobby, Retail, Blister, and Blaster Box form, and be prepared and willing to dig...dig...and DIG! We will have several tables set up with DEALS, DEALS, and MORE DEALS so don't miss out!

One of our Most popular promotions each year is our "BLACK FRIDAY" promotion in November. This year, we've decided to give you a teaser....

Blowout Cards to Unveil Black Friday Blowout Deals at the 2012 National Convention!

If you like our Black Friday Deals, you are going to LOVE this...

At random times throughout the 2012 National Convention (Wednesday - Sunday), We will be posting National-Exclusive Facebook and Twitter Black Friday style Blowout Deals! These deals will be posted by Blowout Cards' Staff at the 2012 National on the Blowout Cards Twitter Page and Blowout Cards Facebook Fan Page. Only those who Follow us on Twitter and "Like Us" on Facebook will be able to see these deals and react fast enough to come to our booth to take advantage!

When a deal is posted:
1) Supplies will be LIMITED
2) Deals will have a STRICT LIMIT of 1 Per Customer
3) Deals will only be available while supplies last!

We know all these rules sound strict, but we promise you...
...These Deals are going to be SICK!

Next Topic: Selection

We've brought 2 trucks with pallets full of product.. What that means is we have a TON of product and selection ! If your looking for redemption needs, we will have it all.(Panini, Topps, UD, Leaf,ITG, SK, Onyx, Press Pass,HAC) If your looking for new releases like 2012 Bowman Platinum BB, 2012 Leaf Best of BB, 2012 Showcase Racing ect...we have it all. And as we mentioned above, we have a whole bunch of closeout items and Deals...Deals....& Deals !

This year, Blowout Cards Supply Station will be Open for Business at the 2012 National!
We will carry a HUGE Selection of Toploaders, Magnetic Card Holders, Storage Boxes, Card Sleeves, and More! Ultra Pro, Pro-Mold, and BCW...we've got your supply needs covered at the show!

Our Favorite topic: SERVICE
This is probably the most important aspect for us at the show. We want to make sure each and everyone who stops by our booth gets the best service possible whether you purchase from us or not. Do you need a recyclable bag to carry your goods (Blowoutcards has gone "Green" this year)? Do you need a explanation of what's in a product? Do you need some advice as to what is the best Redemption to take part in and which packs to use? Whatever it is, our BLOWOUT Cards staff is here to help.

We will also launch the Premier of our BLOWOUT TV service at the National !
BLOWOUT TV is a LIVE Box breaking service that broadcasts your break to thousands of collectors on the internet. Other collectors at the show will also be able to view your box being opened. It's a great way to showcase your pulls and you may even get offers on the spot for your cards ! You buy it from us. We break it for you. Streamed LIVE over the internet !

Also, National convention attendees who have gift certificate balances with will be able to redeem their codes at the Blowout Cards corporate booth during the 2012 National Sports Collectors Convention !


This is what BLOWOUTCARDS is known for at the Show. The loud..sort of UFC fighter looking guy (Fish...President and co-owner of Blowoutcards) will once again be there to not only entertain you but giveaway some of the sickest products at the show ! We did say giveaway right?

Blowout Cards Raffles + Prizes at the 2012 National Convention!
Throughout the entire 2012 National Convention, Blowout Cards will be giving away Boxes, Cases, National Exclusives, Memorabilia, plus MORE BOXES, and MORE CASES, plus MORE BOXES, and MORE CASES !!! to random winners chosen through our Raffle Drawings!

You will NOT want to miss these raffles each and every day at the National!

To pick up a Blowout Cards' 2012 National Convention Raffle Tickets visit the Blowout Cards Corporate Booth (#D2) . NO PURCHASE is NECESSARY !

There is much ...much... more but I think you all get the gist of it. We look forward to meeting all of you at the show. Please stop by our Blowout Cards Corporate Booth (#D2) and we are looking forward to making it a great show for everyone !

The staff at Blowoutcards

FYI: We will continually add updates to the link below during the show....stay tuned !

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