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Default Jerk Move? Or am I Just Overreacting?

ok i'm not gonna call anybody out but this was on ebay

i offer $35 on a card and he counters $40

so i split it down the middle and counter $37.50

then i get a $46.50 offer and i'm like "wtf?"

his message: "the last one sold for $47.50"

so is it a d!ck move to raise the offer or am i just a p*ssy?
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nvm thanks though
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I wouldn't get bent out of shape over it - it's the seller's card they can do what they want with it.
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Originally Posted by mrmoz55 View Post
ur just a pussy these threads are so annoying who cares its a small deal just move on
^^^^^^ end thread
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MI Rob
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Is this #@#@#@#@ ever going to end around here?
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Send a message via Yahoo to rednecksims

Just add them to your ignore list and move on. Just the type of person you don't want to deal with.

Also check my COMC. Even if you don't use COMC I can have cards shipped. Shipping can take up towards 10 days due to me being out of the country.
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Quit bickering over $5
eBay sellers beware, I will leave you a neutral if you don't at least include a toploader when shipping a card. Feel free to block me if you don't ship with a toploader or secured card holder. That is all.
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