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AG Relic Hunter
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Default Huge list of Allen & Ginter relics for trade (only).

I am working on finishing up my relic sets and am willing to trade what I have duplicates of to get cards I am missing. My current list of what I am i need of is here:

Quanties are listed (#) and those in bold are SP - either with stated print runs or what I think are to be

Alex Avila Jersey Gray (1)
Andrew Bailer Jersey Gray (2)
Adrian Beltre Jersey Red (1)
Annie Duke (1)
Aubrey Huff Jersey Gray (2)
Adam Lind Jersey Gray (2)
Arnold Palmer (1)
Bobby Abreu Jersey White (1)
Balloon Boy (1)
Billy Butler Jersey Gray (1)
Bob Hurley Sr. (1)
Brian McCann Jersey Black (2)
B.J. Upton Jersey White (2)
Brian Wilson Jersey White (1)
Chad Billingsley Jersey Gray (2)
Corey Hart Jersey White (1)
Carlos Lee Jersey White (1)
Carlos Pena Jersey Gray (1)
Carlos Quentin Jersey White (2)
Chris Young Jersey Gray (4)
David Dejesus Jersey Lt. Blue (1)
Dillon Gee Jersey Blue (1)
Dustin Pedroia Jersey Gray (2)
Drew Stubbs Jersey White (2)
David Wright Jersey White (1)
Elvis Andrus Jersey White (1)
Eric Hosmer Jersey Gray (1)
Evan Longoria (ELO) Jersey White (3)
Evan Meek Jersey White (1)
Edinson Volquez Jersey Gray (1)
Freddie Freeman Jersey Gray (3)
Greg Gumbel (2)
Geovany Soto Jersey White (2)
Hank Conger (HC) Jersey White (1)
Hank Haney (1)
Ike Davis Bat (1)
Ian Kinsler Jersey Blue (1)
Jose Bautista Jersey Blue (1)
Johnny Cueto Jersey White (1)
Jon Jay Jersey White (1)
Jackie Joyner-Kersee (1)
James Loney Jersey Gray (1)
Jed Lowrie Jersey White (1)
John McEnroe Dark Gray (1)
John McEnroe Light Gray (1)
Jhonny Peralta Jersey Gray (2)
Jake Peavy Jersey Gray (1)
Justin Upton Jersey Gray (1)
Jayson Werth Jersey Gray (1)
Jordan Walden Jersey White (1)
Jordan Zimmerman Jersey White (1)
Kosuke Fukudome Jersey Gray (1)
Kirk Herbstreit (1)
Melky Cabrera Jersey Gray (1)
Matt Cain Jersey Gray (1)
Marty Hogan (1)
Meadowlark Lemon (1)
Mitch Moreland Jersey White (1)
Martin Prado Jersey Gray (2)
Mark Reynolds Jersey White (1)
Michael Young Jersey White (2)
Nick Markakis Jersey Gray (1)
Prince Fielder Jersey Gray (1)
Phil Pfister (1)
Roger Federer (1)
Richard Petty (1)
Ricky Romero Jersey Black (1)
Ryan Theriot Jersey Gray (1)
Ryan Zimmerman Jersey Gray (2)
Torii Hunter Jersey White (1)
Vernon Wells (VW) Jersey White (1)
Willie Mays Bat (1)

Adrian Beltre Jersey White (1)
A.J. Burnett Jersey White (1)
Billy Butler Jersey Gray (2)
Chipper Jones Jersey Gray (1)
Cody Ross Bat (1)
Derek Lee Jersey Gray (1)
Edinson Volquez Jersey White (1)
Francisco Cervelli Bat (2)
Felix Hernandez Jersey Navy (1)
Geno Auriemma (1)
J.D. Drew Jersey Gray (1)
Kurt Suzuki Jersey Gray (1)
Marlon Byrd Bat (1)
Mark Teixeira Jersey Gray (1)
Ryan Braun Jersey Gray (1)
Ryan Dempster Jersey White (1)
Ryan Zimmerman Jersey Gray (1)
Tyler Colvin Jersey Gray (1)
Tim Hudson Jersey Gray (3)

Adrian Gonzalez Bat (1)
Buster Posey (1)
Evan Longoria Jersey (1)
Ryan Howard Jersey (2)

Albert Pujols Bat (1)
Alex Rios Bat (1)
Anna Tunnicliffe (1)
Cat Osterman (1)
Carlos Quentin Jersey (2)
CC Sabathia Jersey (1)
Chase Utley Jersey (2)
David Wright Batting Glove (1)
David Wright Jersey (1)
Dominique Wilkins (1)
Dontrelle Willis Pants – Gray (3)
Eric Chavez Pants (1)
Evan Longoria Jersey (1)
Jay Bruce Jersey (3)
John Higby (1)
Joe Mauer Jersey (1)
Rich Harden Pants (1)
Justin Upton Jersey (1)
Jered Weaver Jersey (3)
Kosuke Fukudome Jersey (1)
Kolan McConiughey (1)
Mike Cameron Bat (2)
Miguel Cabrera Jersey (4)
Matt Holliday Jersey (2)
Melvin Mora Bat (1)
Mark Mulder Pants (3)
Miguel Tejada Jersey (1)
Mariel Zagunis (1)
Nate McLouth Jersey (1)
Ryan Doumit Jersey (1)
Richard Fosbury (1)
Stephanie Brown Trafton (1)
Tim Lincecum Jersey (1)
Vladimir Guerrero Bat (1)
Yunel Escobar Jersey (2)

Adam Dunn Jersey (2)
Adam Dunn Bat (1)
A.J. Pierzynski Jersey (1)
Albert Pujols Jersey (2)
Bobby Abreu Bat (2)
Bobby Crosby Jersey (1)
Brad Hawpe Jersey (1)
Brian McCann Jersey (1)
Brian Roberts Bat (1)
Carlos Marmol Jersey (1)
Carl Crawford Jersey (1)
Curtis Granderson Jersey (1)
Chipper Jones Jersey (3)
Chase Utley Jersey (1)
David Ortiz Jersey (1)
Delwyn Young Jersey (2)
David Wright Jersey (1)
Dmitri Young Bat (1)
Garret Anderson Jersey (1)
Ivan Rodriguez Jersey (1)
Ichiro Suzuki Jersey (1)
Jason Bay Jersey (1)
J.D. Drew Bat (1)
Jeff Francoeur Jersey (2)
J.J. Hardy Jersey (1)
Joe Mauer Jersey (1)
John Smoltz Jersey (1)
Jim Thome Jersey (1)
Jermaine Dye Jersey (1)
Jason Varitek Jersey (2)
Lance Berkman Jersey (1)
Melky Cabrera Jersey (1)
Matt Capps Jersey (1)
Mike Hampton Jersey (1)
Matt Kemp Jersey (2)
Manny Ramirez Jersey (2)
Mark Spitz (1)
Mark Teixeira Jersey (1)
Michael Young Jersey (1)
Prince Fielder Bat (1)
Paul Konerko Jersey (2)
Paul Lo Duca Bat (1)
Pete Weber (1)
Ryan Howard Jersey (1)
Roy Oswalt Jersey (2)
Richie Sexson Jersey (1)
Tim Hudson Jersey (1)
Todd Helton Jersey (2)
Travis Hafner Jersey (1)
Tom Gorzellanny Jersey (1)
Troy Tulowitzki Jersey (1)
Victor Martinez Jersey (2)
Willy Mo Pena Bat (1)

Adam LaRoche Jersey (1)
Dontrelle Willis Jersey (1)
Eric Gagne Jersey (1)
Jason Bay Bat (1)
Miguel Cabrera Bat (1)
Marcus Giles Jersey (1)
Randy Winn Jersey (1)
Scott Podsednik Bat (1)
Trot Nixon Bat (1)

Albert Pujols Jersey (1)
Andy Pettite Jersey (2)
Bobby Crosby Jersey (1)
Brandon McCarthy Jersey (1)
Carlos Beltran Jersey (1)
Clint Barmes Jersey (1)
Carlos Delgado Jersey (1)
Dontrelle Willis Jersey (1)
Frank Thomas Bat (1)
Gary Sheffield Bat (1)
Johnny Damon Jersey (1)
Jermaine Dye Jersey (1)
Jonny Gomes Jersey (2)
Johan Santana Jersey (1)
Matt Holliday Jersey (1)
Manny Ramirez Jersey (1)
Nick Swisher Jersey (1)
Pedro Martinez Jersey (1)
Travis Hafner Jersey (1)
Willy Tavares Jersey (1)
Zach Duke Jersey (1)

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Old 10-21-2012, 08:55 PM   #2
AG Relic Hunter
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: St. Louis
Posts: 284

Anybody out there that has AG relic needs like me?
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Old 11-10-2012, 03:04 PM   #3
AG Relic Hunter
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: St. Louis
Posts: 284

Cleaned and updated... check my link at the top and trade with me!
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Old 11-10-2012, 03:07 PM   #4
Join Date: Apr 2012
Posts: 1,560

I have a Tony Hawk relic for trade for an auto of Buster Posey from Allen Ginter
have any ?
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Old 11-10-2012, 03:25 PM   #5
AG Relic Hunter
Join Date: Sep 2012
Location: St. Louis
Posts: 284

Well... I have the Tony Hawk (as it's not listed on my needs page) and good luck finding someone to do that trade with you! Haha.

But no. I only have a few A&G autos that I've picked up in relic lots and the Posey's generally don't get thrown in as filler on those.

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a&g, allen, ginter, relic, relics

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