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Default Breygent Red Sonja 2 case break

I actually broke these two cases a couple of months ago, and just now getting around to posting them. I really like opening these cases at $450 per 15 box case, that makes it about $20/sketch, plus you should get a complete set of autographs and insert cards. Each of my cases had a sketch puzzle, and each one had 2 really nice sketch hits plus a couple of other nice hits.

Case #1

Bianca Thompson / Gemma Magno / J.C. Fabul (?)

Michael Locoduck Duron / Jez Rojales / Dan Borgonos

Tim Levandoski / Elfie Lebouleux / Adam Cleveland

Adam Cline / Robert Hack / David Day line art

Jerome Dabos 2-card puzzle

Juan Pablo (?) / Jerry Fleming / Brian Kong

Dan Bergren / Greg Kirkpatrick / Jeff Zapata

Adam Cleveland / Beka & Adam Cleveland line art / Meghan Hetrick

Case #2

Jason Keith Phillips / Dennis Crisostomo / Guilherme Balbi

J.C. Fabul (?) / Brian Kong / Anthony Tan

Michael Locoduck Duron / David Girdley / Ryan Kincaid 2-card puzzle

Charles Carvalho / Scott Blair / Gordon Purcell

Tim Levandoski line art / Veronica O'Connell / Adam & Beka Cleveland line art

Jeff Zapata / Marcelo Ferreria / Jenn Corella

Maja Sukeile Klockljung / Luiz Fernando Scheidt
Juan Pablo / Bill Maus

Pretty happy with both cases, I really liked the Meghan Hetrick (the first Hetrick sketch I have pulled) and Jerome Dabos puzzle from the first case, and the Veronica O'Connell (who only did 10 sketches for this set!) and Anthony Tan from the second case. Plus several other nice sketches; I would say the majority are good quality sketches. I have another case on the way, hopefully I will pull some more nice sketches!
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Some great stuff there! Love the Dabos puzzle, he did some wonderful work on this set.
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That Dabos really is nice! Great stuff!
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nice break
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