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Default Need Trade Help, Need a QB?

I currently have Romo and Rivers at QB, the rest of my roster is below

RB Adrian Peterson
RB Ryan Matthews
RB J. Dwyer
RB S. Jackson
RB Alfred Morris
WR Calvin Johnson
WR Larry Fitz
WR Antonio Brown
WR Steve Smith
TE Jason Witten

The other team is willing to trade me Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Hillis for Rivers and Adrian Peterson, what do you guys think??? The rest of his roster is below:

QB Peyton Manning
RB Michael Bush
RB Danny Woodhead
WR Jordy Nelson
WR Wes Welker
WR Eric Decker
WR Vincent Jackson
WR Randy Moss
TE Tamme
TE Fleener

As you can see he is in need of a starting rb. Please help
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Honest advice? Romo is a 2nd-half QB, and he looks to be turning the corner fantasy-wise. Looks like he will start hitting Austin and Witten more often, which means he will perform better IMO.

FWIW, last year Romo had a 19/5 TD/turnover ratio in the final eight games.

Your RBs will take a big hit if you lose AP. I would stay put.

EDIT: However, that trade is definitely in your favor. Can you get a decent RB replacement elsewhere? I may be changing my mind ... your RB depth is actually not bad.
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No way Jose. Don't do it.
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