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Default Help a COMC Noob?

Hey guys, I was thinking about trying COMC and was curious about what cards would be the best to send in. Any other tips for a noob like me would be great!
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Literally everything will sell on COMC. It's just a question of price. In many cases, the price at which a card will sell isn't worth the 25 cent processing fee.

My recommendation for your first batch is to try to find your cards for sale on COMC, and only send in cards that book for at least $3 to $20 or so, if the lowest price is at least $1 to $3 or so. Then see how it goes and make adjustments from there.

Of the cards most likely to sell, stars will do better than commons. Autograph and Memorabilia cards will do better than base cards. Rookie cards will do better than regular cards. Cards marked at 80% to 90% off book value will do better than cards priced at full book or half book.

COMC is different from eBay. It's best suited for your mid-value cards - the ones that you wouldn't want to scan and sell one at a time on eBay, but also the ones that you wouldn't want to throw into a bulk lot and sell for a nickle a card.
COMC auto accept is currently set at 35% off.
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The forum you posted this in is full of hundreds of COMC threads answering your questions. Spend a few hours doing research and then ask any questions that weren't already answered many times over.
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