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Default Advice/thoughts needed, Ebay transaction

Wanted to run through this by you guys just in case someone had a similar experience or had any thoughts to add that may help me decide what is best.

So I sold an Iphone 5 on Ebay on 10/26, sent it overnight, was received and positive feedback was left I believe 12/6. This past Saturday I get a letter from the buyer stating that his identity was stolen and that I need to schedule a pickup at his home to send the item back. He left his email so I contacted him for further info. He claims someone opened a Bill Me Later account, purchased this phone and had it shipped to his home. He said he had none of my contact info and had no way to get ahold of me, so decided to write me a later over a month later. I asked him for proof of the identity theft and he said that he filed an affidavit with BML and to contact them for it.

Thoughts? My problem is the Iphone is now worth $300 less, he waited forever to contact me when a simple call to Ebay, or a message for that matter, would have taken care of it quickly.
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