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Default 2x 08 EEE, 2x 11 Value boxes, 10 and 12 Bowman Draft break

I like reading everyone's break so I'll share mine. Picked all this stuff up right before Christmas.

-2011 Topps Value Boxes x 2
I'll start with the value boxes. Never had as much luck with them as some others. The only notable pull was a Mike Trout RC and a bunch of inserts and parallels from the update packs but nothing worth noting.

-2008 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Blister boxes x 2
I opened two hobby boxes back when they came out so I figured I'd try these since they were cheap enough. I wasn't expecting much and that's what I got. :-) Seems like most people were pulling 3 autos in each box so I thought I'd get 6, give or take. I got 4 but the price wasn't bad so i can't complain. My complaint is about the collation rather than the number of autos. My autos were:

RJ Seidel 410/819
Chase D'Arnaud 708/1218
Kyle Hudson 23/25
Daniel Schlereth 25/25

Only two parallels:
Max Ramirez 39/75
Corey Young 94/150

Back to my gripe, in the original boxes I opened at the release I pulled autos of Seidel and Schlereth. Also Corey Young was another of my autos. With the size of the checklist you would think you wouldn't get the same guys again. Especially, Schlereth he haunts me! I pulled his Bowman Draft auto, a base EEE and now this parallel auto. If he ever hits the big time I'll be set. :-)

-2010 Bowman Draft
My first box of this. Didn't pick any up when it came out. I was amazed at the lack of parallels in the box. Were all the 2010 draft boxes so thin on parallels? Mine had 3:
Jay Sborz Chrome Refractor
Manny Machado Chrome Refractor
Manny Machado blue paper 266/399-in the very first pack

and the auto...Manny Machado right? Wrong! :-(
Zach Lee

the Machado blue was in the first pack and the auto was a few packs short of the end. Are all the Bowman Draft boxes like that? The 2012 box was the same way except a parallel and the auto were in the 1st 5 packs and the extra refractor towards the end. Have yet to pull an Aflac auto from any box of draft. :-(

-2012 Bowman Draft
What was I saying about the lack of parallels? Wish the draft boxes weren't so heavy on filler like the RCs, USA etc.. here are the hits:

2x Prospect Codes (no idea how they work)
---paper parallel---
Steve Clevenger XFractor
Kirk Nieuwenhuis-blue-317/500
Elian Herrera-orange-232-250
Matt Olsen-blue-216/500

-Chrome Refractors-
Austin Aune
David Dahl
Richie Shaffer
Parker Morin
Michael Vaughn
Matthew Price

-Orange Refractor-
Wei-Yin Chen 15/25

Corey Seager

-Blue Refractor-
Bryce Harper 181/250

About a month ago I posted a break of 2011 Draft with a Francisco Lindor auto and Mike Trout orange refractor. This box is so similiar with a solid auto and very good parallel. Too bad the Harper wasn't a 2011 as well but i'll still take it. It's a beautiful card!

Thanks for reading!

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lmk ill give you $1.25 for those codes if you decide to sell
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Good auto in 2012 Draft and the Chen orange will bring in some nice coin!
Collecting: Ken Griffey Jr, Michael Saunders and Stan Musial
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