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Default 2 box break 2005 benchwarmer hit a crazy card

Opened 2 boxes I had sitting around from a vault break because I was bored


carrie stroup base auto
jenny oliver base auto
victoria fuller base auto
dual auto laura davis and aj almasi

and this crazy rare card odds aren't even listed on the box with the other odds

also came from my very last pack which was cool

not the biggest name in the game but still pretty cool for 2 boxes

Sandra Bentley Kiss Autograph 4/10

Approx value maybe around $50 ? or less ?
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Andrew Jones
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Nice hit. Those older Benchwarmer cards with insane odds can bring a premium because there just aren't many out there. However, Bentley isn't overly popular so you'd have to be very patient to maximize the SV. If I had to guess, it would probably go for $20-$30 if you wanted to sell in within the next seven days. If you threw it up there with a BIN/BO in the $100 area, you might eventually get an offer well above that, but it could also sit there for several months without much action.
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Default Nice pull

Before Vault and Archives this would have easily been a $100 card. Since then though, you are looking at $20-30.... Altough, Vault is a great product for the money, long time collectors lost their butts on all their older purchases.
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