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Default 2 birthday boxes - 2012 Topps value w/ interesting results

Was at Wally World the other day just to pick up a couple of things. Had to to the obligatory walk-by of the card section.

For whatever reason, these 2 boxes jumped out at me. Maybe its because they're cheap. Maybe its because I dont want to give any money to Panini. But either way, they ended up at the checkout with me.

For those who dont know, its 5 Topps base retail packs and 1 Topps Platinum hobby pack plus either a Luck or RG3 special refractor thingy.

1st box - Luck refractor, RG3, Martin base from Topps, TJ Graham auto from Platinum.

Not to shabby of a start.

2nd box - Luck refractor, RG3, Martin and RG3 camo rookie base from Topps, TJ Graham auto from Platinum.

Now, hitting the same base Topps is really a surprise to no one. Hitting a rookie auto from Platinum that isnt #'d, althought hard to do in 2 one-pack deals, isnt surprising.

So I got curious, and actually sorted the breaks. The 2 boxes (not counting inserts) were almost identical. There were a total of 4 cards that were different in the 2 boxes (10 packs).

Maybe I just enjoy a good conspiracy, but how likely is it that I'm going to pick up 2 boxes that yield an almost identical content including a relatively hard to hit (for what it is) auto?
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