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Default 5 2012 EEE / Elite Extra Edition boxes

Got one hot box, and I think I did alright... LMK your thoughts...

Box #1:
Lance McCullers on-card auto 229/412 (Astros)
Byron Buxton on-card auto 397/599 (Twins)
Tim Clooney on-card auto 234/792 (Cardinals)
Kieran Lovegrove Franchise Futures sticker auto 148/249 (Indians)
Seth Maness Franchise Futures sticker auto 264/722 (Cardinals)
Adrian Marin on-card auto 111/685 (Orioles)
Richie Shaffer on-card auto 312/722 (Rays)
Brett Mooneyham Franchise Futures sticker auto 175/350 (Nationals)
Preston Beck on-card auto 591/782 (Rangers)
Sam Selman Red Aspirations sticker auto 74/100 (Royals)
Kyle Zimmer Red Aspirations on-card auto 11/100 (Royals) JERSEY NUMBER!
Eddie Rosario Back to the Future sticker card 183/699 (Twins)

Box #2:
Kyle Tucker USA 15U Relic sticker Auto 2/99
Roman Wick Franchise Futures sticker auto 358/442 (Cardinals)
DJ Davis on-card auto 332/390 (Jays)
Kaleb Marck Franchise Futures sticker auto 412/799 (Twins)
Austin Nola on-card auto 466/798 (Miami)
Jake Thompson on-card auto 103/740 (Tigers)
Alexis Rivera Gold Status non-auto 5/5 (Royals)
Mike Zunino Blue Status blue inked auto 42/50 (Seattle)

Box #3:
Solomon Bates USA 15U Relic sticker Auto 61/99
Chase DeJong on-card auto 360/799 (Jays)
Spencer Edwards on-card auto 262/793 (Rays)
Scott Oberg Franchise Futures sticker auto 118/799 (Rockies)
Pierce Johnson on-card auto 376/799 (Cubs)
Dan Langfield Green Status blue inked auto 11/25 (Reds)
Alex Yarbrough green inked auto 10/10 (Dodgers)

Box #4:
Travis Jankowski Blue Status non-auto 6/100 (Padres) JERSEY NUMBER!
Joe Munoz Green Status non-auto 21/25 (Diamondbacks)
Logan Vick on-card auto 436/776 (Indians)
Jamie Callahan on-card auto 542/766 (Red Sox)
Joe Rogers on-card auto 589/675 (Tigers)
Peter O’Brien on-card auto 278/360 (Yankees)
Gavin Cecchini on-card auto 19/299 (Mets)
Matt Price Oberg Franchise Futures sticker auto 663/790 (Red Sox)
Addison Russell Red Aspiration sticker auto 49/100 (A’s)
Zach Isler Green Status auto 5/25 (White Sox)

Box #5:
Jeff McVaney Gold Status non-auto 6/10 (Tigers)
Eddie Rosario Back to the Future sticker card 93/699 (Twins)
Stryker Trahan on-card auto 111/597 (Diamondbacks)
Trey Lang Franchise Futures sticker auto 226/451 (Cubs)
Scott Oberg Red Aspirations sticker auto 99/100 (Rockies)
Kaleb Merck Blue Status sticker auto 12/50 (Twins)
Duane Underwood Franchise Future green inked sticker auto 9/10 (Cubs)

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interested in shaffer please PM me
All pricing is for US shipping. LMK if not in the USA
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Wow - stuff seems great. Am I right, or no?
Generally looking for BGS-graded autographs of Andrew Benintendi from Topps/Bowman products
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Very nice break, a few very solid hits there
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Nice break. If the O'Brien is FT LMK.
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