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Default 2012 Prizm, SPA, Limited, Crown Royale & more!

I'll apologize in advance for the long post. Just thought I'd squeeze it all in to one.

Opened plenty of boxes this week. Stopped in my LCS today for some toploaders and a couple of cardboard boxes and spent a few hours, and more than a few dollars, busting boxes. That's after opening 2 boxes there the day before, getting an online order in this week and hitting a local card show last weekend. Here are the highlights!

Got a decent deal online for a half case of 2011 Precision. No Kaepernick for me but was happy with the hits:

- Jimmy Graham auto /99
- Mark Ingram auto /25
- Christian Ponder & Kyle Rudolph dual auto /25
- Cam Newton auto /50
- Jim Brown auto /25
- Art Monk auto /10

Also got 2 boxes of 2012 Absolute Memorabilia with that order. Not bad:

- Nick Foles material auto /299
- A.J. Jenkins material auto /299
- Steve Johnson spectrum black auto /10
- Reggie Wayne spectrum black auto /10

Busted quite a few boxes of SP Authentic from my LCS over the past 2 days. Not loving this product so far. The hits are nice and I do like the inserts, especially the shadowboxes, but way too many 'no names' in there. Only 2 cards that really stand out for me (but I included pics of some of the other hits):

- Ryan Tannehill gold patch auto /25
- Aaron Rodgers sign of the times auto (redemption)

Opened 2 boxes of Prizm at the same shop last night. My 1st box had nothing to get excited about but the 2nd box made up for it:

- A.J. Jenkins auto
- Alfred Morris auto (redemption... really?)
- Joe Flacco Gold /10

So, between busting boxes of SPA at the card shop today I snagged a couple of boxes of 2012 Limited. I wasn't going to touch the product but was caught up in the fun. Not too bad. The first box gave me this:

- Jimmy Graham platinum spotlight auto 1/1

On a bit of a roll, I decided to try another box and got:

- Alshon Jeffery platinum spotlight phenom auto 1/1

The Graham was my first 1/1 ever so getting another in the very next box was sweet.

Finally, not wanting to stop while I was hot, I tried a box of Crown Royale:

- Alfred Morris purple parallel /25
- LaMichael James paydirt relic /149
- Robert Griffin III rookie silhouette blue 5/5

Not a bad streak!

Last but not least, grabbed a couple of boxes of Golden Age at the card show last weekend... this was a cool hit:

- Shoeless Joe Jackson bat relic /99

Thanks for looking and good luck to you all.

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sorry about the tiny pics in the original post. hopefully these are better.

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Nice breaks . Check me for the alshon or send me a price if its available thanks
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That's a crazy streak, i think im going to get my cards at that shop now. Regardless if it's 1,000 miles away
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They were a couple great breaks! Congrats on some Monsters!!

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Yup, I was there for much of this break, and lemme say that the scans don't do the cards justice. Just some fantastic pulls, especially the RGIII and the Jeffrey 1/1!
"This might be one of the best card beat downs I have ever seen. Bravo, my friend, bravo." - The Madbacker, 9/15/2011
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PM sent to you
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was there any uncut cards in the crown royale?
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