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Default no hockey collector needs help with pricing

So for whatever strange reason I went on a ramapage on 2006-07 Flair Showcase. I'm still working on the master set, even though I'm not a real big hockey collector. But thats another story for another time...

Sydney Crosby Legacy Collection Private Box #'d 44/50

Let's cut to the chase - whats this card worth? The last time I looked up BV, I think it was like $200 or something crazy. I already checked ebay, and there isnt any comparables.

Just want to know what I'm working with so I dont completely rip myself off when selling it

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Thanks for letting us know you nor anyone else needs pricing help.
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I think he meant new.
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You should pop that on ebay maybe another collector of the set needs that it may even sell close to BV, just have to find a couple people who want/need it. GOOd luck!!!
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It's only worth $50 in my 12/13 book (yes I still like using the book.)
But who knows, let the market decide!
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