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Default Castle Seasons 1&2 case break

I love the show, and with only 12 autographs, I was hoping it would be like The Walking Dead where there are no short print autos and you get most of the autographs. I was a little worried pre-buying before seeing any breaks, but after seeing the first handful of breaks, I was glad to see that my hunch was right. Thanks once again to Cujobyte for a great case and hassle free purchase!

Box #1
AE1 Nathan Fillion (Richard Castle) autographed wardrobe
A8 Arye Gross auto
DM09 Kate / Lanie dual wardrobe
M15 Richard Castle wardrobe
M12 Javier Esposito wardrobe
[YES, 5 hits in this box, what a way to start the break!!!]

Box #2
A3 Seamus Dever (Kevin Ryan) auto
M23 Kevin Ryan wardrobe

Box #3
A10 Michael Truco auto
M03 Kate Beckett wardrobe

Box #4
A4 Susan Sullivan (Martha Rodgers) auto
M27 Richard Castle wardrobe
M25 Laney Parish wardrobe

Box #5
A6 Ruben Santiago-Hudson (Captain Roy Montgomery) auto
M08 Richard Castle wardrobe

Box #6
A11 Juliana Dever auto
DM05 Kate / Cpt. Montgomery dual wardrobe
M13 Kate Beckett wardrobe
M16 Kevin Ryan wardrobe

Box #7
A1 Nathan Fillion (Richard Castle) auto
DM03 Alexis / Martha dual wardrobe
M01 Javier Esposito wardrobe

Box #8
A12 Monet Mazur auto
DM04 Kevin / Javier dual wardrobe
M17 Alexis Castle wardrobe

Box #9
A7 Dana Delany auto
M28 Captain Roy Montgomery wardrobe

Box #10
A5 Tamala Jones (Lanie Parish) auto
DM01 Richard / Kate dual wardrobe
M04 Richard Castle wardrobe

Box #11
A2 Jon Huertas (Javier Esposito) auto
M11 Alexis Castle wardrobe

Box #12
A9 Scott Paulin auto
M24 Kate Beckett wardrobe
M02 Alexis Castle wardrobe

Very happy with the break, the collation was perfect (like all the other breaks I've seen, I got all 12 autographs, and no duplicates on the wardrobe cards). And, it was a fun product to break since so many of the boxes have extra hits. Just kinda crazy how loaded some boxes are (my first box had 5 hits including the Fillion auto wardrobe; and one other box had 4 hits). But if you are buying single boxes, it can be hit or miss, since 5 of the boxes did only have 2 hits.
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