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Default (upper Deck Says Hillary Card In Bad Taste)


First there was Billy Ripken, then Alex Gordon, how about the left handed Joba, or even that old C-3-P-O Card from Star Wars? Well, now it's Hillary Clinton and Upper Deck says this card really wasn't supposed to get released to the public. Honest.

(Upper Deck pulled this card from the set, but not all.)

"We produced the Hillary Clinton card as we did the other candidates and literally as we were packing out some of external partners said it might be in poor taste," said Upper Deck spokesman, Terry Melia. "To make sure we weren't offending anyone including major league baseball and the Hillary Clinton camp we started manually pulling them out right off the production line."

Guess what? They did not get them all and some made it into packs and onto eBay where they were selling for over $300. The card features Mrs. Clinton parodied as Morganna the Kissing Bandit. They got the attributes correct for both Hillary and for Morganna as she lays a smooch on a male baseball player. All of the candidates who are in Upper Deck Series One Baseball 2008 are parodies including some who are no longer in the race. The Hillary it was decided had to go and a new one for the second series would appear.

"People understand we do these in a humorous way and we were working at break neck speeds to get the cards into the series and keep it topical," said Melia. "Then there were a couple of disparaging remarks from external partners and the focus group which said it could be in poor taste."

The upshot is Upper Deck is getting lots of publicity and this can't be bad for the industry at all. It has brought attention to the new baseball card season if not the political campaigns themselves.

"We've heard from NBC in Boston, USA Today and the Today Show," added Melia. "Even Fox called about getting the card images on-line and on the air."

(Barack Obama certainly got the best of Mrs. Clinton here.)

Candidates cards can be seen at a special UD website Upper Deck Sports: Presidential Predictor. The cards themselves were part of an on-line and in-pack game used to predict the winner of the races. The idea was to capitalize on the political process and get more people involved. You might say it worked one way or another.

Other cards include Fred Thompson, John McCain, Barack Obama, John Edwards and more including Al Gore whom the company thought might still jump into the race. There is even a wild card. Can you say Michael Bloomberg?

Most of the photos are pretty unflattering as is the case with most parody, which is why it is parody. However, the Obama camp can't say too much in comparison to Hillary who really got the short end of the photo stick here.
-The Brill Report
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"Upper Deck says this card really wasn't supposed to get released to the public"

Uh, no. Try again.

"The upshot is Upper Deck is getting lots of publicity"

Ding ding ding, we have a winner!
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Originally Posted by bradolson View Post
"Upper Deck says this card really wasn't supposed to get released to the public"

Uh, no. Try again.

"The upshot is Upper Deck is getting lots of publicity"

Ding ding ding, we have a winner!
Yea all of these "error" cards seem to be happening every year? Topps and Upper Deck are both guilty of this.
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