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Default Breygent Transformers case break

Thanks Cujobyte for the great service as always! I actually broke this case a couple of weeks ago, but it was so dissapointing that I never got around to posting it. 3 of the boxes had only a single hit, and even though I got a couple of boxes with 4 hits (on average you should get 3 hits/box), because of the 1 hit boxes I was shorted some hits in the case. I was also a bit dissappointed to get repeat artists on my sketch cards, as big as the artist list was, you should get all different artists in a case IMO.

Jon Racimo (150) / Jerry Fleming (100) / Mark Marvida (250)

Mary Bellamy (49) / Rodney Fyke (25) / Jon Racimo (150)

Jon Racimo (150) / Neil Camera (50) / Mark Marvida (250)

Denise Parrish (25) / Gerald Dedios (25) / Christian Centeno (25)

Ken Knudtsen (25) / Jason Keith Phillips (50)

autos: Mark Ryan, Julie White x2, Kevin Dunn
Robert Foxworth, Darius McCrary, Jess Harnell

costume cards: TC1, TC2, TC3 x2

tire prop cards: TP1 x2, TP2 x3

I should have listened to my gut and gone with Game of Thrones instead, but I wanted a chance at a Leonard Nimoy autograph. Looking ahead, I was really looking forward to Grimm, but after the bad taste left in my mouth by this set, I'm not sure I want to try my luck on a case.
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All in all, I think you did pretty good with the sketch cards. A bunch of G1's, and no repeat characters.
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Love the Mary Bellamy Optimus!
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Originally Posted by Fenian95 View Post
Love the Mary Bellamy Optimus!
Thanks! =)
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