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Default National Treasures 3 Case Recap (this one has a happy ending)

Hey all, I usually don't post my breaks here as most of my boxes & cases come from another unnamed site (one that ships to Oz)

However in this instance I thought I'd better share my results, here we go...

Case 1, Box 1

KD base /99
Tyson Chandler NBA Gear Trios Auto (sticker) /49
Klay Thompson Group 1 Rookies RPA Redemption /99 (this saved the box!)
Enes Kanter/ Anthony Davis 11 vs 12 Dual (sticker) auto /49
Jan Vesely/Meyers Leonard 11 vs 12 Dual (sticker) auto /49 :P
Manu Ginobili Timeline Custom Names jersey /43
Jason Kidd Material Treasures jersey /49
Rudy Gay/Danny Granger Match-ups Dual jersey /99
Kobe Anthology
Joakim Noah 12-13 Crusade Knight Court Magenta Plate /1
Danny Green 09-10 NT Rookies Yellow Plate /1

Case 1, Box 2

Brook Lopez Base /99
Grant Hill Colossal Jersey Number (sticker) Auto /25
Jonas Valanciunas RPA /199 - that's more like it!
Quincy Miller RC Auto /99
Jeremy Lamb/Kemba Walker 11 vs 12 Signatures Silver redemption /49
Derrick Rose NBA Gear Dual Patch /25 - very nice patch windows
LaMarcus Aldridge Material Treasures jersey /49
Drew Gooden Material Treasures jersey /99
Kobe Anthology
Kirk Hinrich 12-13 Gold Standard Black Gold Yellow plate /1
Jason Kidd 09-10 NT Base Magenta plate /1

Gotta be happy with a nice Hill, Rose & Summer League MVP

Case 1, Box 3

Marc Gasol base /99
Chris Copeland RPA /99
Dan Issel ABA Legends Auto /99
Anderson Varejao Colossal jersey (sticker) auto /49
Dwight Howard Match-ups Patch /25
Jrue Holiday NBA Gear Dual jersey /99
Serge Ibaka NBA Gear Dual jersey /99
Kobe Anthology
Cedric Ceballos 12-13 Crusade Magenta plate /1
Landry Fields 12-13 Gold Standard Bullion Brand Tags Yellow plate /1

Case 2, Box 1

Blake Griffin silver base /25
Tristan Thompson 12-13 Crusade base black plate /1
John Starks 12-13 Preferred cyan plate /1
Kobe Anthology
Ty Lawson NBA Trios jersey /99
Tiago Splitter Material Treasures jersey /99
Carmelo Anthony Timeline Custom Names Patch /25 (great patch)
Tobias Harris/Jared Sullinger 11 vs 12 Dual Auto /99
Brandon Jennings NBA Gear Combos Auto redemption /49
Nikola Vucevic RPA /199 (but he could've spread his sig out a bit more!)#@
Jason Kidd Springfield Bound Auto /49 (a simple &elegant looking set)

Case 2, Box 2

Danny Granger base /99
Ty Lawson 12-13 Certified Black plate /1
Quincy Miller 12-13 Preferred Silhouette Yellow plate /1
Kobe Anthology (hmm wonder if these carry any value? It's an NT exclusive after all... Still prefer it to those evil Anthology packs lol!)
Caron Butler NBA Gear Dual jersey /99
Steve Nash Timeline Team Names jersey /49
Derrick Rose/John Wall Matchups Dual jersey /49 (that's cool, wish it was a prime though)
Marcus Morris/Royce White 11 vs 12 Dual (sticker, to add insult to injury) auto silver /25
Kawhi Leonard/Jeff Taylor 11 vs 12 Dual auto /49
Derrick Williams Group 1 RPA /199 redemption (should be a good looking card with a Minny patch!)
Zach Randolph Timeline Custom Names jersey auto /99
Jason Kidd Gold base /10

Case 2, Box 3

DeMar DeRozan base /99
Jae Crowder 12-13 Preferred Cyan Plate /1
Evan Fournier 12-13 Gold Standard Rookies Black plate /1
Kobe Anthology
Evan Turner NBA Gear Trios jersey /99
Andre Iguodala Timeline Custom Names Jersey /99
Goran Dragic/Beno Udrih Matchups Dual patch /10 (oh dear)
Al Jefferson Colossal Jersey Numbers auto Prime redemption /25
Danilo Gallinari Colossal jersey auto /25
Wow... my RPA has been replaced by none other than Kent f####n Bazemore RC auto /99

Case 3, Box 1

Monta Ellis Base /99
Jeremy Lin 12-13 NT Timelines Custom Team Names Magenta Plate /1
Paul George 12-13 GS Gold Standard Plate /1
Al Jefferson/Marc Gasol Matchups Dual Jersey /99
Hedo Turkoglu/Trevor Ariza Matchups Dual Jersey /99
Paul Pierce Colossal Jersey Numbers Patch /25
Iman Shumpert/Bradley Beal 11 vs 12 Dual auto /49
DeAndre Liggins RC auto /99
Draymond Green RPA /99 (awesome patch!)
Blake Griffin NBA Gear Trios Signatures redemption /49

Case 3, Box 2

Kris Humphries Base
Donald Sloan 12-13 Totally Certified Black Plate /1
Tristan Thompson 12-13 NT RPA Magenta Plate /1 (next box had his actual RPA, sweet!)
DeMar DeRozan/OJ Mayo Matchups Dual Jersey /99
Pau Gasol Material Treasures Jersey /49
Antawn Jamison Material Treasures Patch /10 (Sick...'R' & 'S' from Lakers logo!)
Jon Leuer RC auto /99
Ben Gordon NBA Gear Dual Jersey Auto /25
Lavoy Allen/Miles Plumlee 11 vs 12 Dual Auto /49

Case 3, Box 3

Anderson Varejao Base /99
Lavoy Allen 12-13 NT RPA Plate /1
Jared Dudley 12-13 Crusade Base Plate /1
Paul Pierce/Kobe Bryant Matchups Dual Jersey /99
Joakim Noah/Al Horford Matchups Dual Jersey /99
Jeremy Lin NBA Gear Dual Jersey /99
Zach Randolph Colossal Jersey Numbers Signature /25
Klay Thompson/Meyers Leonard 11 vs 12 Dual auto /49
Chris Singleton/Terrence Jones 11 vs 12 Dual auto /49 redemption
Tristan Thompson RPA /199 (sadly featuring a crappy 'patch' if you can call it that )

Now, if I stopped there then there would be a different, much less enthusiastic, title to this thread... here are the case hits, (fittingly) in order pulled:

While I'm happy with the Klay Thompson RPA, the big hit from case 1 was a goodie; with a dude who really set this hobby all off for me back in '92 as a little kid chasing his Upper Deck SP RC


Next, I was literally down to the final card of the second case when finally the big boys came out to play!


If that wasn't enough, in the third case came the perfect follow-up...


*redemption (takes away the thrill slightly... boo :P )

Can't wait to get these redemptions in!

Thanks for the look & good luck with your breaks

Sorry, nothing FS/T!
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Not bad at all man nice job!!!!
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amazing case. that is awesome!
always looking for indiana pacers cards

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Default Congrats

Incredible BREAK! I hate you pulled redemptions but they will be worth the wait and hopefully they wont take forever. I sent PM on a few cards in the break.
Collecting any former BAMA players Football/Basketball.

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Nice break. I was worried you were getting destroyed till the end. Curry is a great pull being 1/1
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Very nice! Is the rose available??
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wowzers. congrats
*To prevent potential problems-I have decided to be somewhat more selective with whom I choose to sell and/or trade with. Regardless If someone should post in any of my B/S/T threads or PM me about buying or trading for any of my cards. Please respect and keep this in mind.
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Bump for Case #4 results...

Following my once-in-a-lifetime pulls of the#@Harden and Curry Logoman Autos from two consecutive cases I figured I should at least take one more shot at a Kyrie RPA (I'd love to have one now but just can't bring myself to drop 2-3k on a single card #'d out of 199)... besides, by my twisted logic, I'll still be "ahead" even if this latest case is a bust!

Oh, the futility of the Gambler's rationale!

Onto the goods then, from bottom to top:

Box 1

Zach Randolph base /99
Dirk Nowitzki 12-13 Gold Standard Black Plate /1
Magic Johnson 12-13 Preferred Silhouettes Black Plate /1
Kobe Anthology
Pau Gasol/Marc Gasol Matchups Dual Jersey /99
Emaka Okafor Timeline Custom Names Jersy /99
Pau Gasol Material Treasures Prime Patch /25
Chris Kaman NBA Gear Dual Patch Auto 1/10
Alexey Shved/E'twaun Moore 11 vs 12 Dual Auto redemption#@
Arnett Moultrie RPA /99

And a little BOOM! to get the ball rolling...

Harrison Barnes Jersey Numbers RPA 24/25!!!

Box 2

Ray Allen Base /99
Dennis Rodman 12-13 GS Black Plate /1
Clyde Drexler 12-13 TC Magenta Plate /1
Kobe Anthology
Al Jefferson/Marc Gasol Matchups Dual Jersey /99
Russel Westbrook Colossal Jersey /99
[insert hit here]
Bernard James/Kyle Singler 11 vs 12 Dual Auto Silver redemption#@
Jimmer Fredette/Thomas Robinson 11 vs 12 Dual Auto Gold /25
Jonas Valanciunas RPA /199
Chris Bosh NBA Gear Trios Jersey Auto /49

Box 3

Andrea Bargnani Base /99
Michael Kidd Gilchrist 12-13 Yellow TC Plate /1
Vince Carter 12-13 TC Black Plate /1
Kobe Anthology
Carlos Boozer Colossal Jersey /99
Dwayne Wade Timeline Custom Team Jersey /49
Kevin Durant Material Treasures Jersey /49
Bismack Biyombo/Andre Drummond 11 vs 12 Dual Auto Silver /25
Toni Kukoc Champions Signatures redemption /49
Chandler Parsons RPA /99
Josh Smith NBA Gear Dual Jersey Auto /25

Still no Kyrie from 4 cases...

...but these things have been hanging around my breaks like a bad smell!

... take a guess?

That's correct!

Carl Landry NBA Logoman 2/5 (for a hat trick of sorts) - not a superstar but not a super scrub either (looks like#@the 1/5 sold for $500 - What the?!?)... I'm happy.

I reckon I've well and truly milked the mojo cow dry by now!

Overall, I'm extremely pleased with the results from the majority of the boxes I've busted (you won't hear that from me often) and have had the good fortune not to have had a 'dud' case in the lot.

So to round my NT breaks out, here's a quick recap of the highlights from 4 cases:


Notable redemptions: Klay Thompson /199, Derrick Williams /199


Notable redemptions: Shaq Notable Nicknames /25 , Blake Griffin NBA Gear Trios Signatures /49, Toni Kukoc Champions Signatures /49, Al Jefferson Colossal Prime Jersey Signatures /25



Notable Redemption: Stephen Curry Colossal Logoman Auto 1/1 :dance:



It's all good - as it now looks like we'll get a shot at another huge Kyrie Patch Auto in the recently previewed 'IMMACULATE' Basketball.

And I thought I was done for the year... Panini - you cold-hearted sneaky b@$tards!

All NFS/T apart from the Valanciunas RPA double.

Thanks for the look and good luck with your breaks!!
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some solid pulls, you dropped some serious dough on these cases, lol
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JP Lakers Fan
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WOW some beautiful card congratulations. That Harden logoman is sick and I'm sure the Curry will be as well.
I really like the 2 Lakers patch too and the DRose
James Worthy
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nice barnes
is there a way to change your mind about "All NFS/T apart from the Valanciunas RPA double." ???

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Is the magic Johnson printing plate available? LWML. Thank you. Scott
I collect Earvin "Magic" Johnson cards, the more goatee and short shorts, the better. The 80's PG not the 1996 PF. Check out my sports card albums at
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Great break...need those plates...lmk if you plan to sell. thanks
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Wow congrats you killed NT. Please lmk if that Harden becomes available. And please share the Steph when you get it!
IG: tonyhoops801
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Thanks fellas! Jonas double traded. Sorry, not moving anything else from the break right now.

Originally Posted by AMAballa801 View Post
Wow congrats you killed NT. Please lmk if that Harden becomes available. And please share the Steph when you get it!
Thanks man, I'll be sure to post the Curry when it comes.

Congrats on your amazing Kyrie pull btw!
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