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Default 2013 American Silver Eagle West Point Set PCGS 70

Anybody have any thoughts on this set in MS70?
Good buy for later on down the road?
APMEX has them at $319 and have seen them cheaper on EBay, just wanted some more opinions from people with more knowledge than me before I consider plunking the money down.
APMEX | 2013 American Silver Eagle West Point Set PCGS 70 First Strike |
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I guess it depends on your motivation for collecting/investing. They are certainly a beautiful pair of coins and if you are a collector then by all means buy the set and it should make you happy.

Although I do like shiny things in my collection, my reason for buying silver is more to diversify my savings (notice I didnt say investments). Although a meltdown in our economy is unlikely, I'm happy knowing I have a stack of resources that will retain some trade/monetary value. My thoughts...I'd rather purchase 11 or 12 ASEs vs. the 2 in the collector set but to each their own.
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Totally agree with you, I have about 100oz of ASEs, some 90%, some 35%, one graded Morgan and two graded 2007 MS70 Silver Pandas.
Thanks for the opinion :-)
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Silver eagles or really any newer commemoratives hold no appeal to me. Unless you have a very low mintage and the highest grades they will never substantially increase in value. UNC AE are really bullion coins and the value is based on melt. Like the other poster said buy what you like and be happy.
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as with any other kind of collectible, for any given piece there are going to be people who love it, people who hate it, and people who just don't much care for it one way or the other, lol.

I myself do have an NGC graded 70 west point set and I love it. They're beautiful coins and I am a big fan of the ASE's. I'm not really concerned with them substantially increasing in value over time. I basically just look at them as another silver round with a slightly higher premium. But I really like the design of them so I have several as part of my collection.

The price you mentioned sounds reasonable. I think I paid about $285 for mine, but silver spot was a little lower then than it is now.
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