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Old 03-06-2010, 01:16 AM   #1
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Default garbage pail kids flashback

anyone get these ? a box is pretty expensive . anyone know how many sketches you get per case
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Old 03-06-2010, 01:16 PM   #2
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Hi, I thought about it early on but I got wind of the fact that sketches are 1 in 10 boxes so I held out. Obviously I'm disappointed that I missed out but you are taking a huge risk given the odds. The sketches were done only by artists that have worked with GPK in some capacity so they do have some legs(most appear to be going for $100+). I am going out hunting my LCS's to see if they have any today.
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Old 03-08-2010, 02:32 PM   #3
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I preordered this product so I got it pretty cheap. I got a sketch in each of the 2 cases I opened. A friend of mine got 3 sketches in one case, 2 in another, and none in a third. No printing plates between us however. Odds do say 1 sketch in 10 boxes, so without input from anyone else, I think we got really lucky.
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Old 03-26-2010, 04:44 PM   #4
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I opened a few packs, pulled a nice Loco Motion Card of Reuben Cube. Didn't do a full box, really want to but I'm holding out on my preorder for Topps Series 2 baseball at the end of May. But I love the product, the boarders are nice and the colors really pop off the cards.
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Old 03-27-2010, 06:35 PM   #5
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I have opened 50-60 packs from target. made 3 sets got 2 golds. lots of green pink and silver

stuffed started out on fire. but resell is awful now.

Just shows there are very few collectors of this stuff
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Old 03-07-2011, 08:34 PM   #6
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resale not doing so well?
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Old 03-08-2011, 09:36 AM   #7
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re sale on this is great . not sure what you guys are talking about. cases started out at 300 and are now approaching 500 . visit some garbage pail kids forums and you will see just how popular these cards are.
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Old 03-11-2011, 08:55 AM   #8
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ok when you say re sale ? im guesing you mean singles ? well i know alot of the inserts sell well. and cases are going for as much as 600 now. pre books were at 300 .......
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