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Default Looking for old superman comics

so to make a long story short, my wife used to have a bunch of superman comics when she was a kid, mostly from the 60's. they were her mom's I think. they ended up having to get rid of them many many years ago but now she's wanting to start trying to pick them up again and kind of rebuild the collection they had.

she wants to start with the January 1960 issue (#134) and work her way up from there through the 1960's. I think #222 is the Dec. '69 issue so anything in that range that she hasn't already got. she may decide to continue on from there, I don't know. mainly just looking for decent complete readable copies as she's not wanting to spend a ton on them. pics and a general description would be much appreciated along with an asking price.

she's also told me she doesn't want any that have pen/pencil markings on them and would like the front cover in decent shape though she's less concerned about the back. if you have any let me know!
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