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Default Need some BIN/BO advice

I have a 30 day BIN/BO up right now. Been up for 3 days and I have 8 offers. 10 people watching. Offers have been fair and in the range I was looking for but haven't closed the deal yet. Should I move it to an auction? If so, what should I start the auction price at and should I set a reserve?

Obviously I want to get the most I can out of it but I would really like to avoid the high fees that come with a BIN/BO.
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Perosnally the BIN/BO is the way to go. Just need to counter the lower offers with what you'd like to get. You may pay more fees but you tend to get more as the final price so you end up better off

Auction route I'd go .99 and let it go. Reserve will kill you.
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Agreed...I had a r.barden college ticket auto that I put up for $40 bin/bo and the best offer I got was $20...Relisted as auction at .99 and it sold for $36 +shipping...
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If you've gotten 8 offers for the card on the first listing, you'll get a market price at auction. There is a lot of interest in the card, even if the offers are lower than you want to sell the card for.

As long as your eBay auction has at least 2 serious bidders, you should be happy with the results. The problem with a lot of stuff is that there is only one serious bidder. Then your $50 card goes for 99 cents because nobody was around to jump in and save the day.

eBay reserves make very little sense under the current fee structure. They used to make more sense in the late 1990's, when your posting fee was reduced if the item didn't fetch the reserve. Now they're just a headache, for buyer and seller.
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