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Default Ebay etiquette question...

I've been throwing random cards on Ebay lately including some hockey. I've been emailing buyers asking if they are looking for any other cards from the set or of the player, especially International buyers since one shipment would help us both out.

Anyways, is this bad etiquette? I guess I'm sort of surprised when people don't even respond even if it is a simple note to say thaey aren't looking for anything else.
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I'm just the opposite. I'll ask if they have any more of Boggs...9/10 never get a response. Sucks as I know one guy right now that just listed new stuff....oh well.
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Technically it is against ebay policy to sell cards through ebay without listing it on ebay first. Note whenever you try to do that, it gives you a warning notice on top of the message box that says you aren't supposed to sell cards that aren't listed on ebay. I guess ebay doesn't want you selling cards through their site without it being listed. I've done one sale, where I just adjusted shipping on the invoice, to include the price of the second card the buyer wanted. I don't like selling cards off auction though through ebay. I'd rather pay em the fees and be honest about it.
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If you ask them politely and only once, I see nothing wrong in it. Doesn't hurt to try to get a few more sales and save on fees.
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