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GRWLRGUZZLR 05-30-2008 05:26 PM

2007 Exquiste Football Group Break
I am not in the Case break since I do not have video working I will not participate.

1 Case
3 Boxes
1 Pack per Box
6 Cards per Pack

1 Exquisite Rookie Signature Card in Every Pack on average!
1 Exquisite Rookie Signature Patch Card in Every Pack on average!
1 Additional Exquisite Signature, Multi Signed, Autograph Memorabilia, or Legendary Cut Card in Every Pack on average! 1 Exquisite Jersey Card in Every Pack on average!
1 Exquisite Patch Card in Every Pack on average! Look for Rare Gold Boxes with All Cards in the Box Containing 1 of 1 Content!

Slot # 1 Base ( + refund of TBD when all Slots are full )
Slot 2-16 Hits

1 Slot 87.00
2 - 3 slot 84.00 after 1st
4 slot and up 80.00 after 1st slot
Any extra cards will be randomized if we are shorted a hit?? We are screwed no different if we buy boxes.

******BONUS *************
NATIONAL TREASURES GROUP BREAK ([B][I]No Longer available for case 2 remaing funds from national are extinguished[/I][/B])
[COLOR="red"]1. Wyomedina (171.00) [COLOR="Red"]PD[/COLOR]
2. TexasFan
3. Texasfan (171.00) [COLOR="red"]PD[/COLOR][/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]4. Coaltowncards
5. Coaltowncards
6. Coaltowncards (244.00)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]7. Cdogksc11 (84.00)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]8. Vintage
9. Vintage
10. Vintage (244.00)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="red"]11. Paydirt (87.00) [COLOR="Red"]Pending Paypal[/COLOR][/COLOR]
[COLOR="red"]12. Cowboy
13. Cowboy (164.00) [COLOR="red"]PD[/COLOR][/COLOR]
[COLOR="red"]14. Wyomedina[/COLOR]
[COLOR="red"]15. KenTyler (171.00) [COLOR="Red"]PD[/COLOR]
16. Kentyler[/COLOR]

Case 2
[COLOR="red"]1.77Engineer (171.00) [COLOR="Red"]PD[/COLOR]
2.77 Engineer
3. drtcards (327.00) [COLOR="Red"]PD[/COLOR]
4. drtcards
5. drtcards
6. drtcards
7. RsnArixona (171.00) [COLOR="red"]PD[/COLOR]
8. RsnArizona[/COLOR]
[COLOR="red"]9. CdogKsc11 (84.00)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]10. Sportsfanatic (171.00)
11. Sportsfanatic [/COLOR]
[COLOR="red"]12. ND (171.00)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="Red"]13. MrHuffman (87.00)[/COLOR]
[COLOR="red"]14. Miller45452003 (171.00)
15. Miller45452003[/COLOR]
[COLOR="red"]16.ND3 [/COLOR]

So lets fill her up. I am on vacation next week so that will be a great time to do this. I would like to get slot and Payment in ASAP like the last group break I did. If we fill it and pay by Mon or Tues we should be able to do this on June 8th or 9th.

There were 16 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
[B]CASE 1[/B]
1 Vintage (BASE CARDS)
2 Coaltowncards Gore Max Jersey /75
3 TexasFan Maroney Max Jersey /75
4 Coaltowncards Wayne Patch /50
5 Cowboy Olsen RC/225
[U]6 Texasfan [/U] Broussard Auto /150
7 KenTyler V. Young Auto Swatch /10
8 Wyomedina R. Brown Patch /25
9 Kentyler B. Leonard RC/Auto Patch /225
10 Vintage Marino Max Jersey /75
[U]11 Cdogksc11 [/U] A.Bradshaw AU /150
12 Vintage C. Leak Au /150
13 Wyomedina K. Irons Auto rc /225
14 Paydirt S.Smith Patch /15
15 Cowboy J. Kent /60
16 Coaltowncards E. Manning Max Jersey /75
Timestamp: 2008-06-03 14:12:20 UTC

There were 16 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

1.Sportsfanatic (BASE CARDS)
2.drtcards OKOYE AU/150
3.77 Engineer J. THOMAS AUTO PATCH RC /225
7.drtcards L. Johnson auto patch/27
8.RsnArixona Urlacher patch /15
9.drtcards D. Bowe AUto Patch/25
10.RsnArizona Hill Rc AU/225
[U]11.Miller45452003 [/U]S.Steve Maxim Jersey /75
12.drtcards J. Rowe RC Signature /150
13.77Engineer R. Gross man Patch /50
14.Miller45452003 D. Jackson Signature Swatch Au /10
15.Sportsfanatic A. Pittman Maxim Jersey/75
16.CdogKsc11 D. CLowney Au rookie /150
Timestamp: 2008-06-03 14:20:34 UTC

newengland4me 05-30-2008 05:58 PM

*** pay by Mon or Tues we should be able to do this on May 8th or 9th.***

GRWLRGUZZLR must be that water your drinking ,You mean June :D:p

wyomedina 05-30-2008 06:01 PM

I'm down for 2 slots. Wyomedina

Texansfan 05-30-2008 06:10 PM

I would like 1 slot!

coaltowncards 05-30-2008 06:12 PM

I would like three please:D

cdog11ksc 05-30-2008 06:15 PM

1 slot! thanks:)

Texansfan 05-30-2008 06:17 PM

Give me 1 more, for total of 2 please.... just need paypal address, unless you prefer Check/MO.

GRWLRGUZZLR 05-30-2008 06:35 PM

Alright ,,, I fixed the type o's !!!!!!!!!!!

This is football.:flex:

Vintage Collector 05-30-2008 06:44 PM

3 for me please.

Texansfan 05-30-2008 06:47 PM

Sent payment for my 2 slots......for FOOTBALL!! :)!

GRWLRGUZZLR 05-30-2008 06:48 PM

[QUOTE=Vintage Collector;73143]3 for me please.[/QUOTE]

If no-one else wants them right? :D

PAYDIRTGOD 05-30-2008 06:51 PM

I hesitated on your last break,but I'm in for 1 on this one.


Vintage Collector 05-30-2008 06:51 PM

[QUOTE=GRWLRGUZZLR;73147]If no-one else wants them right? :D[/QUOTE]

No, these I want.:p

CowboyJunkie 05-30-2008 06:53 PM

Again::::D You are crazy chicky. I will take do 2 again in case I end up with the base.

Vintage Collector 05-30-2008 06:59 PM

[QUOTE=CowboyJunkie;73155]Again::::D You are crazy chicky. I will take do 2 again in case I end up with the base.[/QUOTE]

Why not it's not costing her anything, hopefully.

Just time. But she gets to crack this shizzit! That's always fun.

I think we created a MONSTER!:eek:

GRWLRGUZZLR 05-30-2008 07:01 PM

Thats right:)! I hope I didn't short myself with my calculations.
We will see, we will see. :eek:

PAYDIRTGOD 05-30-2008 07:22 PM

Wyomedina is at his favorite watering hole.
He posted for 2 slots.Slot list shows 1.
Thought I'd let you know.


KenTyler 05-30-2008 08:08 PM

I will take 1 slot

Edit: Payment sent

GRWLRGUZZLR 05-30-2008 08:27 PM

[QUOTE=PAYDIRTGOD;73177]Wyomedina is at his favorite watering hole.
He posted for 2 slots.Slot list shows 1.
Thought I'd let you know.


Damn, I thought I fixed all my errors. I haven't even started tippin any.:D

GRWLRGUZZLR 05-30-2008 08:30 PM

Alrighty then, one more to go I thought this wouldn't fly.
Maybe we should go for 2?
Any other takers?

KenTyler 05-30-2008 08:33 PM

I will take the last one as well. Paypal on its way!


77engineer 05-30-2008 09:17 PM

I will take 2 or put me on the wait list if someone falls through.

drtcards 05-30-2008 09:30 PM

How about doing a second case. I will take 4 slots if you do.

wyomedina 05-30-2008 09:47 PM

I am back from the watering hole.(Thanks to the wife for coming to get me). Thanks paydirt for speaking in my behalf and thanks GRWLRGUZZLER for fixing error and hosting break!

GRWLRGUZZLR 05-30-2008 10:57 PM

2nd case started however, for the 2nd case I can't offer the discount now otherwise I will be paying out of my pocket.:eek:
Don't want to do that when I am not in the break. If you want me to take your name off let me know.
If at the current price there are funds left over we will either discount another break or I will refund some cash. but at the current price I am really cutting it close. As I said Chris couldn't do much of a discount on this.

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