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jerryw 07-19-2012 01:06 AM

block this ebayer

on the 12th they confirmed recieving the game i sold them via ebay and also told me the game didnt work and they wanted a i sent them a message back calling bs because i personally test (play each game for 5-10 minutes) to verify that they work before i even list them, but i said ok send it back for a i didnt hear anything from them and thought they ran their scam didnt get me to offer a refund or partial and just dropped it..well on the 18th i got a message saying the game will be shipped tomorrow i asked what took so long..they havent responded back yet...but my guess is i didnt bite on a partial refund and offered a full one they decided to beat the game and then take me up on my offer lol... :mad::confused::eek:

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