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jakeytehpirate 01-29-2012 02:59 PM

jakeytehpirate's TTM report
This thread will catalog all my successes and failures, and I'll try my best to keep up with dates, scans, and the like....
To make things easy, I will color-code my results in this OP after I get them as follows: [COLOR="SeaGreen"]green = success,[/COLOR] [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]blue = semi-success/pre-print[/COLOR], and [COLOR="Red"]red = failure[/COLOR]

[I]Fan packs[/I][LIST=1][*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Atlanta Braves (snail mail 1/30) [U][received 2/8][/U][/COLOR][*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Boston Red Sox (sent e-mail 1/29) [U][received 2/17][/U][/COLOR]
[COLOR="SeaGreen"][*]Oakland Athletics (sent e-mail 1/29) [U][received 2/2][/U][/COLOR][*]Texas Rangers (sent email 1/30)[*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Carolina Panthers (sent email 2/10) [U][received 2/16][/U][/COLOR][*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Carolina Hurricanes (sent email 2/10) [u][received 5/12][/u][/COLOR][/LIST]
[I]Current Baseball Players (* denotes spring training address, ^ denotes home ballpark address)[/I][LIST=2][*]*Chipper Jones (snail mail sent 2/1) {returned, re-sent 2/15}[*]*Matt Diaz (snail mail sent 2/3) {returned, re-sent 2/15}[*]*Freddie Freeman (snail mail sent 2/3) {returned, re-sent 2/15}[*]*Brian McCann (snail mail sent 2/1)[*]Barry Zito (snail mail sent 1/30)[*]*Gio Gonzalez (snail mail sent 2/6)[*]*Stephen Strasburg (snail mail sent 2/6)[*]*Bryce Haper (snail mail sent 2/6)[*]Derek Lowe (snail mail sent 2/8, first attempt with a photo)[*]*Tyler Colvin (snail mail sent 2/8)[*]*Jeff Francoeur (sent snail mail 2/10)[*]*Mike Stanton (snail mail sent 2/15)[*]*Travis Hafner (snail mail sent 2/16)[*]*Ian Kennedy (snail mail sent 2/23)[*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]*Daniel Hudson (snail mail sent 2/23) [U][received 4/8][/U][/COLOR][*]*Jeremy Hellickson (snail mail sent 2/23)[*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]*Brandon Allen (snail mail sent 2/23) [U][received 3/9][/U][/COLOR][*]^Josh Hamilton (snail mail sent 5/10)[*]^Clayton Kershaw (snail mail sent 5/10)[*]^R.A. Dickey (snail mail sent 10/9)[/LIST]
[I]Former Baseball Players (* denotes HOFers, trying to get on a custom index card set)[/I][LIST=3][*]David Justice (snail mail sent 1/30)[*]Dale Murphy (email sent 1/30)[*]Hank Aaron (snail mail sent 1/31)[*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Michael Tucker (snail mail sent 1/31) [U][received 2/11][/U][/COLOR][*][COLOR="Red"]Cal Ripken Jr. (snail mail sent 1/31) [U][received 3/1][/U] [/COLOR][*]Don Mattingly (sent snail mail 2/10)[*]Ryne Sandberg (sent snail mail 2/10)[*]Barry Larkin (snail mail sent 2/15)[*]Tom Glavine (snail mail sent 2/15)[*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]*Bobby Doerr (snail mail sent 2/23) [U][received 3/5][/U] [/COLOR][*]*Tony Gwynn (snail mail sent 2/23, C/O San Diego State)[*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]*Doug Harvey (snail mail sent 2/23) [u][received 4/5][/u][/COLOR][*]*Tommy Lasorda (snail mail sent 2/25)[*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]*Jim Bunning (snail mail sent 2/25) [U][received 3/8][/U][/COLOR][*]*Lee MacPhial (snail mail sent 2/29)[*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]*Pat Gillick (snail mail sent 2/29) [u][received 4/6][/u][/COLOR][*]*Wade Boggs (snail mail sent 2/29)[/LIST]
[I]Coaches/Managers[/I][LIST=4][*]Mike Krzyzewski, Duke basketball (sent email 1/30)[*]Jerry Moore, App State football (sent email 1/30, snail mail sent 2/3) [U][received 1/30][/U][*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Billy Godwin, ECU baseball (sent email 2/4) [U][received 2/6, 3/8][/U][/COLOR]
[COLOR="RoyalBlue"][*]Nick Saban, Alabama football (sent email 2/4) [U][received 2/9][/U][/COLOR][*]Bobby Cox (sent snail mail 2/10, want an auto to frame with my bag of infield dirt)
[COLOR="seagreen"][*]Eddie Perez (sent snail mail 2/10)[u][received 10/10][/u][/COLOR][*]Mark McGwire (sent snail mail 2/15; I sent a Wheaties box...)[/LIST]
[I]Miscellaneous[/I][LIST=5][*][COLOR="Red"]Kyle Busch (snail mail sent 1/31) [U][received 2/4][/U][/COLOR][*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Wicked playbill (sent snail mail 2/9, wife is a huge fan of the production) [U][received 2/21][/U][/COLOR][*]Jordin Sparks (snail mail sent 2/16, just because I have a great A&G of her that needs a sig)[*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Richard Petty (snail mail sent 2/16) [u][received 2/23][/u][/COLOR][*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Junior Johnson (snail mail sent 2/16)[u][received 2/24][/u][/COLOR][*]Dule Hill (snail mail sent 2/23)[*][COLOR="SeaGreen"]Cale Yarborough (snail mail sent 2/25) [u][received 3/10][/u][/COLOR][*][color="seagreen"]Roger Clemens (e-mailed his foundation, got reply the next day and received item in mail in around three weeks)[/color][/LIST]

jakeytehpirate 02-04-2012 11:13 AM

A's Fan Pack: 4 days

a 2010 pocket schedule, three spring training schedules, bumper sticker, team history fact sheet, and Daric Barton player postcard


jakeytehpirate 02-04-2012 11:14 AM

Kyle Busch: 3 days

returned card unsigned. no longer taking paper requests. epic fail.

jakeytehpirate 02-04-2012 01:03 PM

Braves Fan Pack: <24 hours (email), 9 days (snail mail)

email response asked me to send written request. snail mail sent, and received the following: welcome/thank you letter, pocket schedule, bumper sticker, and bag of infield dirt (letter says its from Bobby Cox's last home game!)


jakeytehpirate 02-04-2012 01:07 PM

Jerry Moore: <24 hours (email)

email response that they do not supply items, and that I must send my own

jakeytehpirate 02-08-2012 07:16 AM

Billy Godwin: 2 days (to administrative assistant, email)

attached form I had to fill out. took almost a month, but just received this photo:

looks like he traced it out in ink pen, then copied over in sharpie. still love it though. well worth the wait from the head coach of my alumnus.

jakeytehpirate 02-09-2012 04:05 PM

Nick Saban: 5 days

sent email, received pre-printed, secretary personalized 8x10


Tarheelsfan2012 02-09-2012 11:10 PM

Darn you had me excited when you said you had one from Nick Saban.I emailed last summer and they tried to get me to buy a replica lol.A fellow NC member too nice.I can go ahead and tell you if you ever try that both Mack Brown and Chip Kelly(oregons football coach) both send a preprinted,Macks was atleast a 8x10 unlike Kellys postcard lol.I never got anything back from Bryce last year and I think I sent it rather early.I dont think Strasburg signs either,I read where he has his own room in the Nationals Park thats filled with mail to him.However if you want a prospect that I did have success with then try Mike Trout.I wish I had sent him a 8x10 but it was just a 5x7 and he signed it.Also got Moustakas last year,signed a baseball on the sweet spot.

I know all of yours is mostly baseball lol but by far the best fan package I got was from the Timberwolves,I asked if I could have something of Ricky Rubio in my fan pack and they sent me a tshirt jersey lol how sweet is that!

jakeytehpirate 02-10-2012 09:09 AM

[QUOTE=Tarheelsfan2012;2212701]...I dont think Strasburg signs either, I read where he has his own room in the Nationals Park thats filled with mail to him...[/QUOTE]

good thing i sent it to spring training instead then, huh? lol

edited the OP to say whether they are real or fake, lol... thanks for the input.
i am mostly into baseball (Braves and prospects), and anybody from professional teams in the Carolinas.
have you ever tried any of the Panthers or Hurricanes players, and if so, have any kind of success?

Tarheelsfan2012 02-11-2012 12:13 AM

Ron Rivera and Paul Silas both signed my 8x10's .Coach Rivera even sent back my letter thanking me for it and signed it as well.I havent tried any of the players,however Josh Hamilton signed a month ago :)

jakeytehpirate 02-11-2012 07:53 AM

yeah, i heard hambone was a good signer. im trying to find my copy of his book, thought i might sent the dust cover to get signed. if you used a NC address, please PM me. there are half a dozen listed, and i cant tell which is most current...

jakeytehpirate 02-11-2012 09:25 PM

Michael Tucker: 11 days

signed 1/1 card sent with LOR and SASE [first success and i think i'm hooked]


jakeytehpirate 02-16-2012 10:44 AM

Carolina Panthers fan pack: 6 days

sent email, received package in mail: welcome/thank you letter, play 60 wristband, key lanyard, notepad, 8x10 team photo, 9x12 cheerleader team photo


jakeytehpirate 02-17-2012 10:10 PM

Boston Red Sox fan pack: 18 days

sent email, got in mail: welcome/thank you letter, two pocket schedules, bag of infield dirt, two bumper stickers, wristband, and pedroia photo post-card


jakeytehpirate 02-21-2012 08:43 PM

Wicked playbill: 12 days

asked for signed playbill, received letter and playbill signed by 8 main cast members


sweet success for my wife, as she plans to gos ee the production when it comes to Raleigh in the next couple months...

TTMCentral 02-21-2012 11:22 PM

sweet bud!

jakeytehpirate 02-23-2012 09:40 AM

here's what my custom HOF index cards look like. i wanted something simple, elegant, and clean and i didnt want it to look like i was gonna try re-selling it
i used the primary team, position, and induction year in background as listed on the HOF website...


jakeytehpirate 02-23-2012 11:21 AM

Richard Petty: 7 days

sent LOR for autographed hero card, received this [frame is mine, will be gift for my dad]:

bronxbomber33 02-23-2012 11:45 AM

The HOF custom looks really nice. Richard Petty looks great, he is an awesome signer!!

jakeytehpirate 02-23-2012 04:46 PM

thanks man

jakeytehpirate 02-24-2012 09:46 PM

Junior Johnson: 8 days

sent LOR for autographed hero card, received these [another gift for dad, cant decide how to display them]:

really love the one on the right, it may stay in my collection and ill just tell my dad i only got one back...

[B]also gives me 5 returns in 7 days. w00t![/B]

jakeytehpirate 03-01-2012 08:50 PM

Cal Ripken Jr: 29 days

failure. received back both cards unsigned (had marked one for him to keep), with letter from his "donation coordinator" saying that he had denied my request...

jakeytehpirate 03-05-2012 01:05 PM

Bobby Doerr: 11 days

sent LOR and custom index card and received this back in less than two weeks:

[B]not bad as a first return for my HOF collection, and from a 94-year-old at that![/B]

bronxbomber33 03-05-2012 01:16 PM

Bobby Doerr is one of the best signers out there, the custom looks great!!

jakeytehpirate 03-09-2012 11:35 PM

Jim Bunning: 12 days

sent LOR, custom HOF index card, and one 1969 Topps. received both singed in blue sharpie:

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