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-05-06 is probably the least desirable year. the design was pretty bland and the rookie class wasn't too great. all are numbered to 50. however, there's 1 very popular player who's only LL issue was 05-06. you can do some research to find out who
Would Bill Russell be a good guess?

-09-10 is the other side of the argument to 03-04. while the design was a return to that of the 06-07 version (with a few minor changes), UD got really weird with their numbering. I believe the highest print run in this set is right around 20. there were a number of high end collectors who chose to put this set together, which means many of the lower numbered players are all but 'gone' from the open market. as an example, the 09-10 brandon roy LL just sold for a little over 300 bucks. why so much for a guy who will never be anywhere near the popularity or value that he was in his prime? because theres only 10 of them in existence.
I like the 2006-07 and 2009-10 designs the best, just something about the patch window and use of colors that really catches my eye. The 2007-08 release of The Cup had a similar design and it's one of my favourites. I also kind of like the shorter and varying print runs. I wish UD would do something more limited like that with The Cup hockey.

If you ask me Limited Logos (in any sport) should be done like this:

- Use only logo patches, no nameplates or numbers. It's not a "Limited Logo" if it's a piece of a number.
- Limit the print runs to the number of logo patches you can cut from a jersey. If you can only cut 21 patches then make the card #/21, if you can cut 34 make the card #/34, etc. Cutting a bunch of plain number patches just to round out a 50 copy print run hurts the set more than it helps it.

Thanks for the info so far this is all very interesting!

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