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my storage sucks. I literally am using shoe boxes. Storage is an overarching problem for me, as I moved to an apt. with much less storage in general than my former place and I have been attempting to downsize since. I've sold/traded about 1500 non-PC cards in the past few months which has helped, but now I need to invest time I rarely have and money I flat don't have.

In general, any autos, GU or card that books $10+ I put in a top loader. Not the biggest fan of magnetics- without a soft sleeve I think the edges/corners are susceptible. I try to get my nicest PC stuff graded whenever I can (Mitch Richmonds, MJs, Dream Team autos). Most of my 90s stuff that books $1-$8 I have in binders, something I've done since I collected way back when, same for any sets I have done or am working on. I've rapidly run out of room in my binders, another reason I need to sell/trade/somehow get rid of more non-PC stuff.

In addition to clearing out more non-PC stuff I need to invest in storage stuff (I like those harbor freight cases that keep popping up). Hopefully I can in the not-too-distant future. Eventually I'll display some of the nicest stuff as well. Gotta have my man cave some day right?
I collect Michael Jordan, Mitch Richmond, and Ohio State football and basketball cards in their OSU uniforms! I strongly prefer 90s era cards and use newer cards primarily as trade bait.

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