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Default FS: Extinction Parade #1 (Forbidden Planet Signed by Max Brooks Mini Print Variant)


These are new & NM
Realised I had over ordered on these so got a few going spare I can do at Junkie friendly price.
Been selling them on ebay for $18 + postage ($9 to US) & am happy to send them to Junkies in US for:
$16 dlvd for 1 copy
$26 dlvd for 2 copies
(if you want more than 2 PM for price)

I have 4 copies of this going spare
If you are interested then just PM & we can exchange details
Paypal only accepted

This includes Raulo Caceres mini print signed by Max Brooks!

Only 500 copies of this special Forbidden Planet variant come with a Raulo Caceres mini print signed by Max Brooks!

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