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Originally Posted by NYGiants72 View Post
From what I had read, it sounded like ownership was under the impression that they would pull Manning in a game if it became non-competitive, not that they were proposing a predetermine QB switch at the half.

Also, when I heard Mara's comments last sounded like he was stretching to sound like the decision was made in a responsible manner - but I got the sense he wasn't a fan of it.
That's an interesting idea. I wish we knew exactly what had happened. Based on McAdoo's communications with the media and how the team seems to have reacted to his leadership, he doesn't seem like the best communicator. So it's definitely plausible that McAdoo went up the chain with "hey, maybe we should think about playing Geno this week if things aren't going well" and made it sound one way to ownership and then communicated it to Eli as "we're going with Geno in the 2nd half." Would make sense because it seems like McAdoo wanted to play Geno to prove the offensive struggles were Eli's fault.
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