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Default 3 Cases 2010, 2011, 2012 Bowman Chrome. Team Draft. Every Team in each case is a Slot

3 Cases, 1 each of 2010 Bowman Chrome, 2011 Bowman Chrome, 2012 Bowman Chrome. Each team in each case is a draft slot

Full length break videos are saved on my ustream channel, link is in my sig.

Recap videos are here:

Draft List:

1 Prospector123 (from TxRangersfan)- 1. 2011 Bowman Chrome Washington Nationals
2 bbuckert24- 2. 2010 Bowman Chrome Washington Nationals
3 TxRangersfan (from prospector123)- 5. 2012 Bowman Chrome Chicago Cubs
4 Oneqtpieami- 10. 2012 Bowman Chrome Texas Rangers
5 JFray- 8. 2012 Bowman Chrome Detroit Tigers
6 Bucksbandit (from Bluemarlin528)- 6. 2010 Bowman Chrome Minnesota Twins
7 BucksBandit- 9. 2012 Bowman Chrome Cincinnati Reds
8 rw7183- 16. 2012 Bowman Chrome New York Yankees
9 mcholke- 3. 2011 Bowman Chrome Toronto Blue Jays
10 Divino- 15. 2012 Bowman Chrome Arizona Diamondbacks
11 albjohn3 (from TxRangersfan, scorpion1157)- 4. 2010 Bowman Chrome All USA Cards
12 ceaton- 7. 2011 Bowman Chrome All USA Cards
13 pitch21 (from TxRangersfan)- 12. 2011 Bowman Chrome Tampa Bay Rays
14 gr8azn- 26. 2012 Bowman Chrome Miami Marlins
15 VWBUS1978- 39. 2011 Bowman Chrome Los Angeles Angels
16 Bluemarlin528 (from BucksBandit)- 87. 2012 Bowman Chrome Washington Nationals
17 Bluemarlin528 (from BucksBandit)- 11. 2010 Bowman Chrome Cincinnati Reds
18 Oneqtpieami- 13. 2010 Bowman Chrome New York Yankees
19 ohio_mba- 31. 2012 Bowman Chrome Boston Red Sox
20 jrubbo23- 14. 2012 Bowman Chrome Toronto Blue Jays
21 JFray- 17. 2011 Bowman Chrome Detroit Tigers (autopick)
22 prospector123 (from scorpion1157, TxRangersfan)- 21. 2011 Bowman Chrome New York Yankees
23 Troybuilts- 20. 2010 Bowman Chrome St. Louis Cardinals
24 TxRangersfan (from pitch21)- 57. 2012 Bowman Chrome Houston Astros
25 scorpion1157 (from prospector123)- 81. 2011 Bowman Chrome San Francisco Giants
26 pitch21- 19. 2011 Bowman Chrome Pittsburgh Pirates
27 Bluemarlin528 (from Bruvydsb)- 37. 2010 Bowman Chrome Miami Marlins
28 JFray- 18. 2010 Bowman Chrome Seattle Mariners
29 BucksBandit (from ohio_mba)- 23. 2010 Bowman Chrome Cleveland Indians
30 TxRangersfan (from albjohn3)- 35. 2012 Bowman Chrome Oakland Athletics
31 lakesidez- 71. 2011 Bowman Chrome Seattle Mariners
32 jrubbo23- 24. 2010 Bowman Chrome Atlanta Braves
33 Troybuilts- 66. 2010 Bowman Chrome Boston Red Sox
34 Blue_Devil- 53. 2010 Bowman Chrome Chicago Cubs
35 TxRangersfan (from Srt42004n)- 32. 2012 Bowman Chrome Seattle Mariners
36 Troybuilts- 30. 2010 Bowman Chrome San Francisco Giants
37 TxRangersfan (from tiger221166)- 47. 2012 Bowman Chrome Philadelphia Phillies
38 bbuckert24- 62. 2010 Bowman Chrome Kansas City Royals
39 scorpion1157 (from TxRangersfan)- 91. 2012 Bowman Chrome San Francisco Giants
40 Oneqtpieami- 27. 2010 Bowman Chrome Arizona Diamondbacks
41 Bucksbandit (from Bluemarlin528)- 28. 2011 Bowman Chrome Milwaukee Brewers
42 Gohansmy- 22. 2010 Bowman Chrome San Diego Padres (autopick)
43 bookyyyyyy- 74. 2011 Bowman Chrome Kansas City Royals
44 bbuckert24 (from mr_yoshi_san)- 33. 2011 Bowman Chrome Minnesota Twins
45 TxRangersfan- 45. 2010 Bowman Chrome Texas Rangers
46 TxRangersfan (from pitch21)- 83. 2012 Bowman Chrome Los Angeles Angels
47 scorpion1157- 90. 2012 Bowman Chrome Pittsburgh Pirates
48 nbalinks- 46. 2012 Bowman Chrome Milwaukee Brewers
49 bbuckert24 (from pazuk123)- 58. 2011 Bowman Chrome St. Louis Cardinals
50 jrubbo23- 29. 2010 Bowman Chrome New York Mets
51 Straw44- 25. 2011 Bowman Chrome San Diego Padres
52 Oneqtpieami- 49. 2012 Bowman Chrome Atlanta Braves
53 TxRangersfan (from albjohn3)- 44. 2012 Bowman Chrome Colorado Rockies
54 TxRangersfan- 72. 2011 Bowman Chrome Texas Rangers
55 Ooosh- 34. 2010 Bowman Chrome Toronto Blue Jays
56 Blue_Devil- 42. 2010 Bowman Chrome Detroit Tigers
57 mcholke- 36. 2010 Bowman Chrome Colorado Rockies
58 TxRangersfan (from Srt42004n)- 86. 2012 Bowman Chrome Baltimore Orioles
59 UncleFace- 38. 2010 Bowman Chrome Los Angeles Angels (autopick)
60 mcholke- 43. 2010 Bowman Chrome Chicago White Sox
61 VWBUS1978- 64. 2010 Bowman Chrome Baltimore Orioles
62 JFray- 41. 2012 Bowman Chrome Los Angeles Dodgers
63 Oneqtpieami- 40. 2010 Bowman Chrome Los Angeles Dodgers
64 gabballplayer14- 51. 2011 Bowman Chrome Los Angeles Dodgers
65 gr33d- 59. 2011 Bowman Chrome Philadelphia Phillies
66 Oneqtpieami- 48. 2010 Bowman Chrome Milwaukee Brewers
67 pitch21- 56. 2012 Bowman Chrome Tampa Bay Rays
68 BucksBandit (from ohio_mba)- 50. 2011 Bowman Chrome New York Mets (autopick)
69 hobbiewt- 61. 2011 Bowman Chrome Boston Red Sox
70 mcholke- 54. 2012 Bowman Chrome Cleveland Indians
71 lakesidez- 77. 2011 Bowman Chrome Atlanta Braves
72 ceaton- 84. 2012 Bowman Chrome Minnesota Twins
73 gr33d- 52. 2011 Bowman Chrome Chicago Cubs (autopick)
74 jrubbo23- 75. 2011 Bowman Chrome Chicago White Sox
75 TxRangersfan- 65. 2010 Bowman Chrome Tampa Bay Rays
76 Bluemarlin528- 78. 2011 Bowman Chrome Miami Marlins
77 pazuk123 (from bbuckert24)- 55. 2012 Bowman Chrome Chicago White Sox (autopick)
78 ceaton- 85. 2012 Bowman Chrome Kansas City Royals
79 alsjunk2002- 60. 2011 Bowman Chrome Houston Astros (autopick)
80 pazuk123 (from bbuckert24)- 76. 2011 Bowman Chrome Baltimore Orioles
81 TxRangersfan (from tiger221166)- 89. 2012 Bowman Chrome St. Louis Cardinals
82 jrubbo23- 79. 2011 Bowman Chrome Cincinnati Reds
83 Gohansmy- 63. 2010 Bowman Chrome Oakland Athletics (autopick)
84 TxRangersfan- 67. 2010 Bowman Chrome Philadelphia Phillies
85 Troybuilts- 80. 2011 Bowman Chrome Arizona Diamondbacks
86 dbaks- 88. 2012 Bowman Chrome New York Mets
87 TxRangersfan (from Srt42004n)- 68. 2010 Bowman Chrome Houston Astros
88 alsjunk2002- 69. 2010 Bowman Chrome Pittsburgh Pirates (autopick)
89 TxRangersfan- 70. 2011 Bowman Chrome Oakland Athletics
90 Troybuilts- 73. 2011 Bowman Chrome Cleveland Indians (autopick)
91 pazuk123 (from bbuckert24)- 92. 2012 Bowman Chrome San Diego Padres
92 TxRangersfan (from pitch21)- 82. 2011 Bowman Chrome Colorado Rockies

Thought I would throw something different out there.

Will be opening 1 case of 2010 Bowman Chrome, 1 case of 2011 Bowman Chrome, and 1 case of 2012 Bowman Chrome.

There will be 92 draftable slots. Each team in each case will have a slot plus a USA slot for 2010 BC and 2011 BC.

Mod will random list to determine draft order. Once draft order is set draft will proceed and all teams in all cases are fair game so draft could go something like this

1) 2010 BC Minnesota Twins
2) 2012 BC Detroit Tigers
3) 2011 BC All USA

And so on…….

This is a team draft. With each spot, you can pick any team from 2010, 2011, and 2012 Bowman Chrome. I will provide a draftbale slot list but don’t have the time to go through and figure a ranking on every team in each product to come up with a 1-92 ranking so please do your research. You get every card for that team lot, every auto, non auto, insert and so on.

A mod will random for the draft order 3 times after all payments are in.

Draftable slots:

2010 Bowman Chrome= 31 Spots (every team + USA slot)
2011 Bowman Chrome= 31 Spots (every team + USA slot)
2012 Bowman Chrome= 30 Spots (every team)

= 92 total slots.

To answer a few questions very quickly:

Special Rules for this Break (By joining this break, you agree to these rules!)

1. If you hit a card worth $250 or more, I will ask you to pay for signature confirmation, and insurance.

2. I reserve the right to limit who I allow in my breaks.

3. If you join this break, you must be willing to pay within 48 hours of the break going active. We want to order right away - it takes 3 days after payment for the cases to arrive.

4. If you join this break, you must subscribe to this thread. It makes life SO MUCH EASIER.

5. Per BO rules The host DOES NOT have a spot. All breaks are done LIVE and recorded.

6. Once you receive your cards, please post in the thread that your cards were received. For anything outside the USA, I will provide the customs # as proof of delivery if you would like, tracking is always provided.

7. If a pull wins this monthly "best pulls" contest on BO, the prize will be a new break with all hits (or teams) randomed amongst all participants.

A few things you should know:

1. I will start the break the same day the cases arrive - usually starting around 7-8 pm CST.
2. I will have recap videos up in thread, typically next day although videos are immediately available on my ustream channel.


Draft Rules:

There are only 92 spots but, we need to implement a few rules to move the draft along.

1. I will provide a list with every pick on it. I strongly encourage you to provide a list and allow me to pick for you. By using this list, I can create a database and make quick work of the auto picks. Just remember to leave the default numbering intact.

2. The draft clock will start between 36-48 hours (per BO rules) after random and run from Noon to 10 PM Central (10 to 8pm pacific) every day starting the day after the random. I want the clock to be a little shorter each day as I don't want to have to pick for you in a break like this. I do strongly encourage you to continue to draft before and/or after the clock has stopped though to help keep moving things along.

3. If you send a list, I am going to use it. If you are on and want to draft instead of me using your list, just post "Hey I am here to draft - do not use my list." You need to do this well in advance of your spot or I may not see it. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will I wait the entire 45 minutes and then use your list.

4. Common courtesy is extremely important in these drafts - especially this one. PM the next person in line (or ask someone to PM for you if you cannot). Subscribe to the thread and stay updated! If you are nearing your 45 minute deadline and are still picking, just post a comment - "Hey, I am here and picking now."

6. You CAN trade during your clock - but there is only 45 minutes for you or whoever buys the spot to pick. Their clock does NOT start over after a sale or trade - make sure they know that they are up!


8. Remember, the clock starts after the last pick is made. PM's are nice, but your clock does not start after a pm. Be sure and track the draft - it is your responsibility.

9. The clock is 30 minutes, but I may not be able to immediately auto-pick every 30 minutes of every day. So please give me a break. Thanks!

10. Have fun!

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