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Originally Posted by TrueNE_09 View Post
Might not be "issues" per se, but more a reflection of the fact that goes back to my old adage about mail: when you're young, mail is awesome. It is either a birthday card with money, something you bought, or your subscription to Beckett. Nowadays, as a adult, mail only consists of utilities bills, credit card bills, doctor's bills, etc etc. Point is, the reality of being an adult is much different than that of being young.

Be young, have a blast, make memories, and enjoy it all before maturing into adulthood. Don't get me wrong, adulthood is sweet and brings with it many wonderful events and experiences, but there are major differences too, many of which involve "having to pay something" every month, after month, after month
I wish I had those mails when I was a kid haha. I don't remember the last time I received a gift for my birthday or Christmas, 2005 maybe? I just say cherish life daily no matter your age. I always found a way to make it work for me, when everyone else around me failed. Mainly because I aim to succeed and I know all my hard work will pay off one day.
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