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i think at least 90% of us knew this kid was going to rip someone off...he messaged me quite a few times begging for a colts card i had, ignoring him worked best for me

A few hard Lesson's learned for everyone:
1.Not much feedback on THIS site, and feedback from more than 1 person, not 10 itrader from the same person = They should send first if they cant do it and your a proven member, probably not something you want to deal with.
2. If it's to good to be true, its probably a bunch of B.S.
3. DO NOT send cash, Only PP goods, unless they are your friend, someone you deal with often, then send gift at your own risk. If you do, don't complain when u get screwed. Cover your own #@#@#@.
4. If people are acting fishy, ask someone about them, get opinions before you put yourself at risk.
5. Use a DC#, if a high dollar card, REQUIRE a DC# from seller / trader, if they don't want to, don't deal with them.

We all have to be smart around on here and protect ourselves. There will ALWAYS be scam artists out there. I know im still fairly new here and don't know most of you very well at all, but i know your all smart. If a member is acting questionable, ask other members about them and get there opinion about the situation.

Treat new members with respect, not everyone can have awesome cards, this hobby isn't cheap, we all cant bust cases or tons of boxes every month and have a bucket full of good cards or high dollar cards. I sure don't, but everyone deserves a shot to prove themselves, but until they do, be cautious.

Ok that's all from me. Maybe all this will be helpful to someone, if not that's fine. i tried
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