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Default Official 2012 Bowman Break Club

OK folks, lets get this thing officially off the ground and going.

Here are the original rules from the first thread, though I did make some slight changes:

1) The club will be $25 a month with the expectation that we will not necessarily be breaking every month [depending on product cost]. By confirming membership you are committing to $25/month for the year. Please do not commit if you are not sure you can afford $25/month.

2) Shipping, fees and supply costs will also come out of the monthly fee

3) The products under consideration for breaks each month will be Bowman (spring release), Bowman Chrome, and Bowman Draft Picks. Products will be selected by a consensus vote of the club. Older year products are fine as long as majority rules.

4) NO PC team will be part of this club. Each break the 30 members will be randomized, and will then draft the team of their choice in the order they appear in the list. IE, the person who gets the first pick, gets first choice of team, and so on ... trading slots/teams will be allowed after the random if people want to do so. You will get every auto, serial #'d, GU and CHROME prospect of the team you pick.

5) Base cards - if members want their base cards of their team, I am happy to mail them to them and we can figure out cost on a per break/per member basis. If someone wants ALL the base, and no one else wants them, we can also work something out that way. The other solution is to sell them all off on eBay as one large lot. Base are the base prospects, base/chrome vets that are not numbered.

6) Please be aware that as we are only busting ONE case at a time, there is only going to be 12 autos or so per case. By default that means you have a chance of getting NO auto with your slot.

7) All breaks will be done live on UStream

Here are the original 30 people who responded with a YES - please re-confirm in this thread so we know where we stand:

1 dbaks
2 nephinfan
3 lemur01
4 frostyagain
5 chrismgiroux
6 fisk-factor75
7 gr33d
8 gergs1134
9 tmgrnzx9r
10 mkal411
11 grm94
12 mgugs46
13 axeldog15
14 Major_League
15 Bruvydsb
16 k3332004
17 gunshowboy
18 rw7183
19 jusdukky
20 rjs83
21 smillz300
22 trogdor
23 HadWayTooMuch
24 lilmaz
25 Ballerskrip
26 bucksbandit
27 enjoyale81
28 dlab85
29 mnava18
30 troybuilts

Now accepting payments
1. Do not put the word "break," "slot," "lot," or "spot" anywhere in your payment info!
Just say "Bowman Club" and your BO username.

2. Please put your BO username in the title and the description (note to seller) of your payment.

3. Please send Goods only - do NOT send as a gift.

4. Please make sure your Paypal address is correct.

5. Payment is $25

6. My paypal address is


1 gr33d - DBACKS
2 dlab85 - ROYALS
3 mgugs46 - ORIOLES
4 Ballerskrip - CUBS
5 jusdukky - RAYS
6 Major_League - RED SOX
7 chrismgiroux - NATIONALS
8 Troybuilts - INDIANS
9 tmgrnzx9r - ASTROS
10 Troybuilts - GIANTS
11 axeldog15 - BREWERS
12 grm94 - METS
13 enjoyale81 - REDS
14 rjs83 - ANGELS
15 Smillz300 - TWINS
16 k3332004 - CARDINALS
17 gergs1134 - PHILLIES
18 gunshowboy - ROCKIES
19 lilmaz - ATHLETICS
20 nephinfan - PADRES
21 dbaks - MARLINS
22 Major_League - RANGERS
23 trogdor - YANKEES
24 bucksbandit - WHITE SOX
25 Bruvydsb - BRAVES
26 HadWayTooMuch - TIGERS
27 smillz300 - DODGERS
28 rw7183 - MARINERS
29 mkal411 - BLUE JAYS
30 Ballerskrip - PIRATES
Buying rare 90's inserts of Pedro Martinez, Nomar Garciaparra and other Red Sox/star players

Always looking for PEDRO MARTINEZ patches/autos

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