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Default HOT New Signing :)


St. Nick to Sign Autographs and Donate Santa Suit for All-New Product

North Pole (Aug. 15, 2007) -- The Topps Company announced that it has signed an exclusive deal with Santa Claus to create a special 18-card set of the jolly St. Nick.

"I’ve been giving kids Topps cards for years and now I’m getting my own series…how exciting!” exclaimed Santa. “I can’t wait to see my Topps Rookie Card!”

This Fall, Topps will release an 18-card set featuring 15 Santa cards on classic Topps Baseball designs. The set will also include three special trading cards: A card autographed by Santa, a memorabilia card featuring a piece of his red crushed velvet suit and his Topps Rookie Card. The set will retail for $9.99. (image attached)

The agreement also grants Topps exclusive rights within the trading card category for licensed memorabilia and the use of Santa on packaging and advertising.

"This is by far our biggest signing in the history of the company," said Topps. “We have a feeling Santa will be dropping this set into a lot of stockings this year.”
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