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Default 2017 Bowman Chrome for sale

Looking to sell some of bowman chrome auto's. Prices are listed. Please add 3.00 for shipping under 15.00

Lazarito Armenteros Gold Shimmer auto 350.00 OBO
Magnarius Sierra Gold Refractor auto /50 250 OBO
Magnarius Sierra Gold Shimmer auto /50 200 OBO
Khalil Lee Purple Refractor auto redemption Sold
Khalil Lee Base auto redemption Sold
Andy Ibanez Base auto redemption 6.00
Cole Stobbe Base auto Sold
Cole Stobbe Refractor auto Sold
Michael Kopech Blue Shimmer auto /150 Pending
Lazarito Arementeros Base auto Sold
Brian Mundell Base auto Sold
Brian Mundell Refractor auto Sold
Brian Mundell Purple refractor auto sold
Isiah White base auto 2x 4.00 each
Luis Castillo top prospect Superfractor 1/1 150 OBO

I will be adding more when I get home to remember the rest. Pictures available on request.

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