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I personally believe that one should be able to choose what they put in their own body. I'm not saying heroine should be legal, but I don't think throwing people in jail for simple possession is working. I understand locking up the manufactures and dealers of harder drugs, but locking up drug users is ineffective. They should be trying to help them instead of locking them up and throwing away the key. Marijuana is another subject though. I feel it should be legalized. It's way safer than alcohol, and it helps a lot of people. I would way rather be in a room full of stoners than a room full of drunks. Nobody has ever overdosed on it, and its not addictive. Alcohol kills thousands of people every year and is addictive, yet perfectly legal. The only reason pot is taking longer to legalize than alcohol did is because of the propaganda spread (reefer madness) by the government, and the pharmaceutical companies know they'll lose a lot of money.
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