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Originally Posted by dd316 View Post
I don't know if there's just too much out right now or what, but I scored a Freddie Prinze Jr. Orange Auto /25 for $26 last night.
I think the Freddie Prinze Jr. autos (like Mikkelsen) were inflated due to the novelty of him being a new signer. So that seems about right for a price when you compare what's happening on the secondary.

There's just too much volume. I went over what I spent bottom feeding on MW3 and Stellar and I'm just completely sitting out High Tek 3. Because I have to. It's just too much man.

I mean, my collection has ballooned and that's at an amazingly low price ... but my conspiracy theory is that I think there's too many flippers now have access to distributor prices. Because it's not that the MSRP of the boxes are plummeting with secondary sales plummeting.

I literally haven't opened anything aside from group breaks because it's so impossibly cheap to buy anything you want right now on feebay.

Look at sketches. Some of the sketches I've "won" have just been criminally low prices. I don't think this is the right thread to brag about ebay wins but dang I now own TWO Glebe bros Star Wars sketches at $142 and $215 I feel like I got an absolute steal on both. I have been able to mark off a litany of higher end artists I thought I would never own. And they're not bad sketches -- ironically it seems like sketch quality has increased since the Jedi Vs Sith Chrome days.

I think everyone can agree that Topps is simply overestimating the capabilities of this market and while we thought there was a limit to market saturation (I remember days when scrub autos were $20 each) there isn't (it's the era of the $5 auto). Right now Topps seems to be asking fans to just trust that they won't keep releasing 15 sets a year of star wars cards.
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