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Originally Posted by dd316 View Post
Nah, I think if that were the case Cathy Munroe autos would be blowing up. I think his cards were typically higher than most because he's got some credit to his name outside of Star Wars. He's been signing SW for what, a year now? His autos rarely go below $50 (at least I think, I haven't tracked them that much).
Well, Donnie Yen is Ipman and it's just insane to me that his autos continue to slide. Riz MC is fairly well known rap artist. They also slide.

For what it's worth I do feel that Cathy Munroe cards are probably selling at +$10 of their eventual value.

Maybe you're right though, I did slow play the Prinze auto acquisition and am glad I did. Believe it or not, back in September I got a Prinze sticker /50 for $30 on COMC. Granted it was much lower than it had been going for ...

I just hope they slow the set releases. I'd love to collect them all but I cannot keep up.
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