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Originally Posted by The Madbacker View Post
Show me an inexpensive Jordan, Orr or Gretzky Auto. me one.
You're comparing apples to oranges. The baseball card collector has been around for a # of years and all of the major sports, have a fan following. MMA cards have been out for what? 2 years, going on three? The fact that the prices are as steady as they have been is shocking to say the least. I expected to see what happend to UFC series 4 Boxes to happen to the individual cards. So if you want to talk high end to low end then here:

Micheal Jordan:
High:US $50,000.00
Low:US $439.95

Bobby Orr:
High:US $5,500.00
Low:US $119.95

High:US $2,999.99
Low:US $39.00 (psa/dna card) US $174.99 (insert auto)

High:US $73.99 (and this isn't even the series 4 card, this one's cheaper)
Low:US $179.99

So realistically, the gap in between your cards and the UFC cards is insane. Yours differs in the thousands while the UFC cards differ in the hundreds. So going by "cheap auto" there are hundreds of Gretzky, Orr, and Jordans that are "cheap" compared to the higher end.
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