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Default Looking to trade Lots of base cards

I just got done organizing my base cards and have 100's if not thousands of base cards of super star, star and semi-star players.

I am looking to get more base cards of Kobe, Durant, Westbrook, Rose, Eric Gordon and James Harden.

I have tons of base cards of Lebron, Wade, Melo, Dwill, CP3, Dwight Howard, and any other star you can think of. I have binders of them and I have a ton of them.

I would love to make some deals...for instance trade my 10 Lebron, 10 Melo, & 5 Wade base cards for 10 Durant, 5 Westbrook, 5 Eric Gordon, and 5 Rose cards ect.

PM me if you are interested in making any trades for base cards!


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